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Bizarre Ads from back in the Day

It’s been a while since I posted some bizarre vintage ads.

These are from back in the day, from a time when political correctness was a newfangled concept!

Enjoy 😉


Images: FreshPics

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  1. lovemrthornton

    I. AM. IN. HYSTERICS. That was a great way to start my day! You are hilarious. How did you find all of these????

  2. Brilliant! I want a Flip ‘N Style hairdryer! LOL!

    • lovemrthornton

      You want to know what’s scary? I remember those little tape things to make what we use to call, “banana curls.” I was 7. My mother curled my hair every night, and every morning, I had those ringlets on both sides of my face.

      • My mother had a crueller approach. My hair got wrapped around a long strip of material and the end of the strip was then wrapped around my hair to create ‘ringlets’. They were painful to get put in and the end result created long stiff bundles that were really difficult to sleep in. I looked cute in the morning though. LOL!

      • How very Jane Austin of your mother! I love those bouncy curls framing the face, if only I coukd be bothered though… 🙂

        • lovemrthornton

          Well, remember I’m a couple years older than RA, so my “banana curls” were accompanied by white Go-Go boots and mini skirts. Yes, at age 6 ad 7. Jane Austen would’ve turned over in her grave. My mother was grooming a fashion addict.

    • NOTHING says ‘a fine hair product’ like a bald head! 😉

  3. Hilariously ridiculous!


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