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Exploring the Ugly

I have a ton of things to do!

I’m expected to give a presentation on my MA thesis paper and produce a significant portion of it.

I have to write a response paper on The Villages in Florida and tie it will Foucault’s Heterotopia.

End of year exams are looming (American Art, American Cities 1910-present, American Gothic Literature and Continuity & Change in America).

What do I do?

I  decided to start re-watching Project Runway!

As a graduate of a Fashion Design School, let me tell you, these challenges are not easy.

Sure, it’s nice to sit on the sofa, munching on snacks, living a thumbs up or down, but what these contestants do in such a short space of time is incredibly awe-inspiring.

It got me thinking though of the worst fashion bloopers.

Cos’, ya know, I have so much time on my hands that I can roam the internet looking for things like that 🙂

BTW, if you’ve ever committed any of these offenses, we’re good as long as you’re not committing them NOW!

Note I have steered clear of fashion catwalk looks, red carpets and on stage costumes.

Here they go:

I love Snooki, but that is just a big fashion train wreck.


Ditto to Kelly Osbourne…

Don’t know what she’s wearing, but I feel it would just be too much!

Trousers seem to cause quite a stir.

Pants up to your armpits are a no-no!

You really need to be wasted to put on these high-waisted jeans.

mom jeans

I remember the MC Hammer look. Let’s keep it in the 90s.

mc hammer pants

mc hammer pants

 This style makes you wish men still wore braces / suspenders to hold up their pants.

sagging pants

I’m just going to leave this without a comment.

Really, what’s there left to say….

gangsta pants

Make up your mind: it’s either hot enough to wear sandals or cold enough to have to wear socks.

You can’t have it both ways.

socks sandals

Anything any Olsen twin wears is terrible. Period.

I feel they look like poor little starved children wearing hand-me-downs.


If you’re not wrangling cattle, these are a no-no!

The Mullet, also known as the Czech football player in my neck of the woods.

Pick long or short hair and stick with it, please!

I don’t see the point in grillz and can’t imagine what your smile looks like after you’ve eaten chocolate or cheese.


 This festive trend makes you wish Christmas came less than once a year.

Just because you’re getting married and want to be the most beautiful girl in the room, you don’t have to achieve that making other women look like this:

I could go on for hours… but duty calls 😉


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  1. The mom pants are extraordinary ! Those high-waisted jeans are the ugliest 😉

  2. I admit to wearing high waisted jeans in my youth (no such thing as low riders then), and I may have owned a patterned holiday sweater/jumper once, (maybe two 😉 ). Personally I’m rather fond of Mark Darcy’s reindeer jumper in Bridget Jones’s Diary. 😉 But Colin Firth looks cute in anything. My biggest pet peeve is guys who wear their jeans around their ankles. Might as well not wear any. 😦

    • I’ve had a number of faux pas in the past 🙂 It’s amusing to pull out those old photos and giggle the evening away. Having said that, I agree with Mark Darcy’s sweater, but he looks simply adorable in his Christmas sweater.
      I loathe men with ugly, weird dress shoes. No class!

  3. Oh my God! :-O


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