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Antoine, a Cut Above the Rest

On the theme of Polish artists who made it big and gained worldwide recognition (here is the post about the wonderful Tamara Lempicka), I’d like to write about Antoine.

The Polish hairdresser Antoine (Antek Cierplikowski) was the inventor of the ‘garconne’ hairstyle.

He is described as the first celebrity hairdresser in the world, many call him “the father of modern Celebrity hairdressing.”

Born in Russian Poland, Antoine moved to work in the Parisian salon of hairdresser Monsieur Decoux.
He acquired a following and cannily, Decoux took his star stylist to the fashionable seaside town of Deauville.

There he was introduced to the society he would coif for decades.
On his return to Paris, Antoine set up his own salon, selling his own haircare and cosmetics range, the first to do so.
The peak of Antoine’s career was the coronation of George VI, when he supervised 400 coiffures in one night.
In 1910, Antoine was asked to cut the hair of famous actress Eve Lavalliere, in order to help the 40-year-old veteran play the part of a teenager in an upcoming play.
Inspired by Joan of Arc’s closely cropped hair, the bob was considered extremely controversial in an era when long hair was regarded as the ultimate in femininity.

This hairstyle is what made him famous in the world of hair and gave him the “celebrity hairstylist” title.

The Bob is still a very popular hairstyle, but when it was first unveiled by Antoine de Paris, it was also extremely controversial.

 Although Louise Brooks was one of the first US celebrities to adopt the Bob hairstyle, it had been worn by many before her.

Antoine epitomizes the 20s, 30s and 40s look and was responsible for chopping of long tresses and giving them a young boyish look.
Antoni Cierplikowski /fot. Sense Of Beauty
He said to have freed women from the burden of wearing hats.
He created the Shingle bob, much loved by flappers and the Bloomsbury set in London.
Josephine Baker was  one of Antoine’s many famous clients.
She wore his wigs like skullcaps for her stage performances.
Coco Chanel also trusted her tresses to Antoine.

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  1. I love the Bob hairstyle… that’s exactly how my hair is at this moment!!!

    • I love the bob! Unfortunately I can’t have a fringe / bangs because they drive me nuts tickling my face and the bob would be a bit floppy. It’ s a brilliant look and gives a women character 🙂

  2. I’ve always loved Louise Brooks – now I know where she got her famous haristyle! Thank you.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been wearing an inverted bob in some form or other since 1991 at least. I knew it was a 20s haircut but had no idea about the rest of it. Fascinating!

    • Thanks Servetus! I feel bad writing that it was Antoine who came up with the bob in the wake of Vidal Sassoon’s death. People seem to be crediting him for it, but he merely made it popular again.


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