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I’m still on the shoe theme, which is ironic as I’ve spent the last week in my purple crocs 🙂

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“When I design for a women, I always think of her naked,” the designer said cheekily. “And I haven’t yet met a girl who wants to have shorter legs.”

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, famed for his glossy red-soled shoes, defended his decision to go to court with fashion label Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and its parent company PPR to protect his trademark look on Monday.

Dressed in a smart red checked jacket, jeans and steel-toed leather shoes, Louboutin was in London to open his first UK retrospective to mark the brand’s 20th anniversary at the Design Museum.

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  1. It’s interesting how some brands become the dream of almost all women… Personally, I’d like to have the opportunity to try one of these on, just to see if they are more confortable than the ordinary ones I have or if they make me feel any different. 😉 But, honestly,this is not one of my real dreams!!!

    • When I was presenting my graduation collection at Fashion School, one of my teachers got hung up on the fact that one of the tops was from rough wool and it would be too prickly to wear. I defended myself by saying that when a woman wears expensive pair of shoes, she feels it with every step. The pain in a reminder that she is wearing a pair of expensive shoes 🙂 I have a couple of Jimmy Choo shoes and they are definately meant to be worn sitting down LOL!

      • Lol!!!
        Never understood the capacity of most women to suffer in the name of beauty!!!

        • It’s because we feel we need to. And then, in a bitchy fashion, we see a mousy woman with a stunning man and wonder how the hell that happened! I think we missinterpret what it is we think men want. As if the regular guy cares about designer shoes that are killing and deforming our feet!
          We dress to impress other women, we wear designes by fab guy fashion designers, that’s where the pain comes I think 😉

          • Now we are leaving fashion department to women’s psycology… lol
            But I think the two go together!!! 😉

          • Indeed they do. Sometimes when I watch Lady Gaga ( and I do love her costumes) I think some psychiatrist would have field day analyzing the whole spectacle 😉

  2. No teraz to przyłożyłaś do pieca! Normalnie jestem zielona z zazdrości!! Zaposiadasz buty Jimmi-ego Choo! Obsesyjnie kocham szpilki, torebki mnie nie interesują. 🙂
    Obawiam się że dzieła Lauboutin-a pozostaną w sferze marzeń, chyba że wygram na loterii.:)

    • Ja szaleję na puncie torebek, buty też bardzo lubię, ale zwykle leżą w pudełkack i czekają na specjalne wyjścia bo nijak się nie da w nich przez dłuższy czas funcjonować. Przysięam że Deichman o niebo wygodniejsze! Może pan Choo i Lauboutin powinni na korepetycje z wygody się tam zgłosić 😉


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