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I’ve been much too comfy, wearing trainers, but I sure like funky pair of crazy heels, Not sure I’d ever wear (or walk in) these, but they sure are interesting to look at 😉

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A trend that was made globally famous by Lady Gaga has now filtered down to the High Street, heelless shoes are now not an uncommon sight, but would you risk breaking bones for this fashion trend? Take a look:


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  1. Just looking at these pictures make my feet aching… LOL
    I love shoes, but I’m more for the confortable ones, specially after breaking my right foot a few years ago.

    • I know, the older I am, the less foot pain I can indure 🙂 I did my back in badly running around in heels, so now I have to be careful! I’ve been reading about how women’s fashion underlined their daintiness and subservant role towards men. If you stick them in corsets and silly shoes, they can sit around and look pretty, not go out, get a job or decided for themselves. How times have changed though 😉

  2. I have to say I think they look ridiculous and they must be so bad for your feet…I have enough trouble dealing with heels of any kind so a high shoe without a heel just seems a step too far! Pardon the pun 😉

    • LOL they would be a step too far if I could actually take a step in them 🙂 I think the reason why they are so interesting is that I would have thought everything humanl possible had been invented and created with regards to shoes. And here they are, those wacky designers, coming up with something, although not practical, but definately revolutionary.
      BTW I made a pair of Lego shoes for college, you couldn’t even stand in those. I doubt even Lady Gaga would be able to stroll in them 🙂


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