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Dead as a Dodo or The Doomed Fate of Fine British Actors

Those fine British Actors!

Once they break through, they rule in Hollywood.

They represent a level of acting that is unheard of that side of the pond (no offense).

Today I’d like to focus on two.

Richard Armitage and Sean Bean.

Both are fine actors, with tons of experience, talent and sexiness that just won’t quit.


Why, Oh why do they continuously keep dying on-screen?

ps. That Dawn French is one lucky lady!

Maybe I should get into comedy?

Back to the morbid topic at hand…

Is it some conspiracy, a strange ploy to break fangirls hearts all around the world?

That is harsh!

I hope Bean doesn’t take it personally.

He definitely didn’t fall of the perch in Lady Chatterley’s Lover wink wink 😉

Here is Sean Bean’s Death Reel (have your tissues at the ready…)


I am fearful that Richard Armitage will go down the Sean Bean route.

Here is my evidence, just to name a few characters that kicked the bucket:

Maybe we should start a campaign.

I think we should demand that, instead of being killed on screen, RA characters should be very much alive until the very last moment of each project.

What is more, I think he should play a role where he actually creates new life…

OK, maybe I’ve gone too far.

I just had a Paul in socks flashback and, let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty 😉


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  1. I hope Richard won’t catck the Sean Bean curse ! 🙂

    • I know, although I think it’s already too late! I think they give parts of ‘dead man walking’ characters to British actors because they can actually pull it off! They are good enough to die well on screen. But I do wish it wasn’t so! ;(

  2. I tried to file a restraining order in a British court preventing Porter from being killed off — it was pointless. I later learned that the document had been misfiled.

    • After watching way too many History Channel documentaries about the 60s in the US I am now convinced that it is an FBI and/or CIA conspiracy! I’m pretty sure (based on my thorough knowledge aquired through watching Spooks seasons 7-9) that any British agencies and courts are powerless once the Americans have an agenda. The CIA is pretty ruthless! 🙂

  3. At first I was thinking that Richard’s track record wasn’t as bad as Sean’s until I started listing all the roles where he dies, (Guy, Lucas, John P, Heinz, etc), including future ones Like TO and Richard III (if he gets to do that one). Poor Richard is toast. haha

    These boys are not alone. Just recently, while watching Jullian Fellows’ Titanic, my friend and I saw the name Maria Doyle Kennedy in the credits and turned to each other and said “she’s a goner”, since she dies in just about every series she’s in too. 🙂

    • LOL! There are so many that I decided to post just a few. I haven’t got all day to dig for RA character corpse pics 😉 It’s just unfortunate and, with the Hobbit, it’s not going to get any better. Poor Sean. poor Richard! If only there was some way to comfort them! 🙂

  4. Before reading you post, I was thinking about exploring Sean Bean movies, but I’m changing my mind… Well, I’ve read somewhere Thorin dies in the end… ;-( Guess that’s why Mr. Thornton is my favourite as he stays alive and smiling!!!
    Let’s change the subject because it’s Friday and I wish you a very happy weekend!!!

    • Hey, it’s just the characters that kick the bucket 😉
      I urge you to watch Lady Chatterley’s Lover with Bean. OMG! That film will put a permanent smile on your face. Bean plays a northener and he is so darn sexy you will melt… dare I say it…Armitage style!

      • Armitage style… hum… have to check it… LOL
        You mentioned this LCL version with Sean Bean in a previous post. I’ve looked for it over here, but didn’t find. 😦
        Maybe, someday I’ll be lucky enough to watch it!!!

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  6. At least he lasts for most of The Hobbit!!! ☺


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