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Retro Products that never Caught On… I wonder why…


Here’s a list of products that never really caught on…

Images: HuffingtonPost

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  1. I wonder why? Pussy pop and hot dr. pepper…sounds yummy. lol

  2. I’m also wondering why… LOL…
    Pin up, wish you a nice and happy weekend!!!

  3. I remember Crystal Pepsi. I don’t think it tasted very good.

    Pussy Pop gave me my laugh for the morning. Thank you for that. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Thanks Mrs. I remember that cristal drink and thinking it was so wrong. This was before we really though why cola is brown and what makes it so tasty and sweet. They probably cut out about half the chemicals by making it clear though… we probably should’ve thought that one through 😉

  4. I think Family Fun Fitness was ahead of its time. 😀

    • It was! It’s like Wii (had to ask for the name LOL) where kids are spending their day running, dancing, fishing, playing tennis or a musical intrument. Skhame they’re are doing it at home, in front of the TV. We truly were lucky that we actually got to go outside and play with friends. It was cheaper too 😉

  5. We had one of those egg cube thingies when I was growing up! Thanks for the memory and a good chuckle.

  6. I can’t stand Dr Pepper’s taste when it’s cold so hot…. O_o But I’d love to have an egg cuber, I already have a mold that turns eggs into cute teddy bears 🙂

  7. Czego to panie te Amerykóny nie wymyślo..


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