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A round of Snog, Marry and Avoid, RA style

Let’s do a round of Snog, Marry and Avoid with RA characters!

I suggest we start with Snog

Moving on to Marry

Last, but not least Avoid

I can’t wait to see the results!!!


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  1. Is there a better way to begin the day than admiring RA photos and, of course, trying to answer your poll?? 😀

    • No, no there isn’t, apart from actually getting to write an RA post and choosing the istures you want to publish 😉 Believe me, I go through A LOT of Armitage pics to choose the ones that are just right 😉

      • I believe you. 🙂
        Each time Bcc asks us to send RA pictures to her projects, I have lots of problems to choose one, but I love looking for them as much as I like to see the final result!!! LOL

        • I adore Bccmee’s projects, she really does know how to engage her readers like no one else I know. I too really enjoy participating, although I’m usually pushed by the project deadline, so I just go for my golden oldie pictures 😉

  2. I could’t decide who to avoid, I know I am shameless but I think all those bad boy characters would be good for a snog!

  3. You really needed to add on the option of “all of the above” for snog and marry! 🙂

    • Oh Mez, that is greedy, but you are justified in being so 😉 It really is sooooo hard to choose, but that’s what makes it fun! Plus it gives you an excuse to just sit around mulling over Lucas, Thornton or Guy 😉

  4. Great poll idea! I saw this TV show when I was in England. It was one of the more unusual shows I’ve ever seen.

  5. I’ll avoid Paul.. the sock are a real turn off for me 😀

  6. A very hard choice for the snog fest, had to go with Porter those muscles….grrrrrrrrrr. Run from the hills was a no brainer for me Paul, bad hair, bad clothes and socks in bed, no way!

    • The snog question was hard, I agree, Mersguy! It’s not like you would say no to any one of them! As for Paul, we should be obsessing about the (almost full) nudity, that bottom and thighs. In truth the scenes are about as sexy as a visit to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned!

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