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A Game of Thrones request: Stop hitting Jon Snow in the face…

There’s plenty happening in the world of Game of Thrones, although I didn’t feel episode 3 of series 2 packed a punch like the previous two episodes.

Then again, I’m a big fan of DVD marathoning shows I like, so waiting a WHOLE week for new episodes is just tedious.

You know how kids get whiny and start rubbing their eyes when they’re bored?

That’s me waiting for each GoT Monday!

I’m not going to go into detail regarding the episode. I think many other people out there can analysis the subtle nuances of the story. I’ll leave it to the, shall I?

However, I do have a small request:

Can people please stop punching the bastard Jon Snow in the face!

The face in question is quite stunning and I bet Kit Harington’s career is based, in part, on the lovely mug.

The more often you punch the face, the bigger chance there is that you will damage the hair.

And that would not make me happy!

BTW, I came across this picture, showing the similarities between Little House on the Prairie bad girl and Game of Thrones spoilt brat.

Separated at (devil spawn) birth 😉


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  1. The funny thing is, even with a face covered in blood and bruising, Jon’s face is still utterly amazing! But yes, please stop hitting him.

  2. I know, Steosphere! Isn’t it enough that he’s stuck at the Wall, where hell has literally frozen over, we’re stuck with that heavy coat with a pimpin’ fur collar, but now they seem bent on damaging the best part of him.
    Make love, not war 😉

  3. Hum… too much blood for me… ;-(

  4. I agree they should stop picking on the poor bastard! As for that Little House lookalike…hahahahahhahaha!! Absolutely love that comparison!!! Wait… maybe she’s his mother??

  5. hahahaha! te ostatnie dwa zdjęcia! CUDOWNE!:) przez Ciebie prawie posikałam się ze śmiechu:D Nie widziałam ani jednego odcinka tego serialu,niestety moja 13-letnia córka nie ma zwyczaju zasypiania przed północą;)

    • No to trzeba na bezczela w pracy ściągnąć i oglądać! Podobno szczególnie w korporacjach lubią takich LOL! A tak zawiasem, myślę że i dla 18-latka ten serial jest czasem za hardcorowy 😉 Miałabyś problemy z wytłumaczeniem córce dlaczego ten pan z panią, siostra z bratem,takie tam. Lepiej na razie nie, bo koszty psychiatry będą bardzo wysokie LOL!


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