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Game of Thrones Drinking Game

I am waiting for Sunday and the premier of episode 3 of series 2 of Game of Thrones.

When Sunday finally rolls round (what’s taking so long?) I suggest a drinking game 😉

Based on the criteria, I guarantee you will be passed out on the floor 20 minutes into the show.

Sansa needs to grow a backbone, she’s ALWAYS acting like a wet rag.

Joffrey ALWAYS acts like an idiot

Tyrion is ALWAYS making snarky comments, granted, they are very witty.

And Jon Snow, bless, is ALWAYS guilty about something.

Oh, and he’s hot enough to single-handedly stop winter from coming…

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  1. As I have a running competition today, this is not a good idea… mayber tomorrow… LOL
    By the way, Richard Madden and Kit Harington are visiting Brazil (actually just the city of Rio de Janeiro) and advertising the series!!! That’s why I’ve been hearing a lot about GOT.

  2. Best not drink and run 😉 I’m keping my fingers crossed that you do well!
    I’m so jealous about Kit Harington in Brazil. First of all, I want to see Kit, second of all I want to see Brazil!

    • In competitions my goal is just to run all the way. I’m not very worried about the speed or time I take to finish it. It’s more about exercising and having fun with it.
      There’s no need to be jealous abouy KH… LOL… Rio is over 1000 km far from where I live. Nowadays, Brazil is getting very popular. Many Hollywood stars are coming to visit it and, of course, advertise their movies or even work here.
      We, Brazilians, would love to have you here!!! If you like the nature (beaches, waterfalls, rivers, forests, etc) and hot weather, you would really enjoy visiting my country. Unfortunately, we still have many problems with the poor infrastructure, and lack of information for foreigners, but people usually leave the country with good memories.

      • I’m sure you will reach your goal! And if you have fun in the process- that sounds great! I was just thinking about the irony- every actor I fancy seems to move to a different continent. I swear, it’s not because I’m a stalker 😉
        I know Brazil is amazing and it’s definately on my “must see” list, although I watched a documentary about the history of the country and it was heartbreaking.

  3. Im in love with this series of Game of Thrones! Its just getting better and better!!! Looking forward to ep 3 on Monday!! Also share your love for Jon snow! Boy can do no wrong!
    How far have you got with the books??

    • I’m not far in the books because I have to lace reading with American Lit. for college and reading for my thesis paper, but I try to sneak a few pages here and there, so I’m still reading the first book.
      Jon Snow melts my icecaps 😉 He may be short and young, but I’d date his hair alone! Too cutę!
      I’m peeved that Europeans have to wait till Monday to get a new GoT episode. It should be like New Years Eve, when our clocks strick midnight hours ahead of the US 😉

  4. This will kill us…

    • The drinking or the cuteness of Jon Snow? If it’s the former and your liver isn’t accustomed to shots, best start with the previews of episodes as they are only about 30 seconds long 🙂

  5. Haha! Considering the number of sex scenes, I doubt I’ll live through the episode! Brilliant.


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