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Mulligan Rolling in the Sack Friday

It’s been a while since I did  one of these.

We’ve already had Paul, Porter and Lucas Rolling in the Sack Fridays.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to create these posts 😉

Today it’s time for John Mulligan from Moving On: Drowning Not Waving.

Granted, as much as I adore the way RA looks in this one, it’s hardly hot and heavy in the rolling department.

However, Mulligan will wine and dine you…

He’ll even provide fast food, delivered straight to your door, topped with a stunning smile!

And, bless, he’s the ultimate bed companion.

 He’s a hugger …

Isn’t rolling in for a nice snuggle the ultimate rolling in the sack?

Images: RACentral


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  1. In answer to your question…yes! 🙂

    It is a favourite little fantasy of mine when I can’t sleep…imagining a certain person rolling in for a snuggle…the stuff of which dreams are made! *sighs*

    • We may well be softies, but that is the ultimate expression of intimacy. It’s the reason, in my opinion, Twilight was such a big hit. There was love and passion, which couldn’t be expressed through sex 😉

      • I’ve never watched Twilight…doesn’t appeal to me at all but I do agree with you about intimacy. Makes me feel protected too!

        • I think the films are aimed at teenagers (don’t know what it says about me…) but I really enjoyed the books. The vampire felt very protective of his human girlfriend and due to biological complications, their love was quite platonic. It’s just a cute love story 😉
          I agree about cuddlers- they do make a woman feel safe and sleep well 😉

  2. Mulligan certainly knows how to fork, I’ll say that much for him. Between the red wine and watching that man wield a fork, I’m surprised they made it as far as the bedroom 🙂 I must admit I do love a snuggler. btw, you should check my avi, lol

  3. I don’t ‘know’ Mulligan, but I think any character of RA mean good luck in a Friday the 13th!!! 🙂

    • Mulligan is a really interesting character, RA looks gorgeous playing this part and the jeans and shirt combo compliments his body. He is sporting a modern version on the Gizzy hairstyle. I’m giving John Mulligan two thumbs up. Oh, and the story isn’t bad either 😉


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