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Let the Game Commence – Game of the Thrones, that is…

I have succumbed to a new passion.

After all, we all like new shiny things that make us happy 😉

I had no doubt I would enjoy “Game of Thrones“.

Described as a series reminiscant of LOTR, produced by HBO (they aren’t shy, are they…), it has all the markings of a hit.

The series is based on A Game of Thrones, first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of high fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin.

As far as I can tell (I’m in mid book 1)  the series is very in keeping with the book. Bless HBO, when they get it right, it really is fireworks 🙂

Who can forget Sex and the City or True Blood!

Game Of Thrones Sean Bean wallpaper

I adore Sean Bean, who plays Eddard Strak, the lord of the North (I’ll take anything with the words lord and north in it).

I fell for him after watching Lady Chatterley’s Lover, based on a novel by the same title by D.H. Lawrence. He was simply breathtaking. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour!

While we’re on the subject of hotties, I recommend you check out Ned Stark’s bastard son (no, I’m not being offensive, this is how he is described) – Jon Snow.

He is a steward in the Night’s Watch.


Although confined to the frosty Wall protecting the kingdom, he manages to set my heart aflame 😉

He reminds me of another scruffy man, with long flowing black hair and rugged good looks.

 Care to venture a guess who I may be referring to?


Grizzly Gizzy may have had a dodgy wolf tattoo, planted on that beautiful arm, but Snow actually has a direwolf called Ghost.

 It is true that Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is young.

In the book he is described as a 14-year-old boy, but in the series he looks grown up enough to me 😉

He is an extremely likable character and I can’t wait to see how the story progresses.

Jon-Snow-Kit-Harington 510.jpeg

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  1. Glad you are discovering GoT. I haven’t read the books yet, but I got addicted to the series in its first season. Now S2 is underway and I think I have already watched the last ep three times. 😉 Jon Snow is a cutie, but I think I have the biggest crush on a certain imp Tyrion, aka Peter Dinklage. A small man with big talent and charisma. So yes, I have a crush on a real dwarf and a reel dward. 😉

  2. I adore the lovable imp 😉 He is by far one of the smartest men around!I remember seeing him in Nip and Tuck and I was really impressed with his talent.
    I too am addicted to the series, although I unfortunately have to be a tad creative to keep up with the new episodes of series 2.
    Less said, sooner mended…
    I really can’t praise the series enough. I broke one of my rules- never see the screen adaptation before you read the book. However, I find that I can grasp the characters better when reading and I don’t have to struggle to keep up. I can’t wait to move on to the second book. I have heard some rumours about Jon Snow falling of the perch at some stage, so to speak, but I am choosing to ignore them! I really can’t stand ALL the characters I fancy to be killed off. It really is just TOO MUCH!!! 😉

  3. BTW, love the comment about having a cush on a Real and Reel Dwarf! Even my sister got that and thought it was funny 😉

  4. Thank you for including a photo of Richard – I was feeling so cold from looking at the other photos but our hottie from Nottie warmed me up nicely!

    I don’t have pay television so I don’t get GoT but my son watches it.

    WOW, you spelled “favour” correctly – yippee, that makes me feel more at home!

    • I really do recommend GoT! I’ve been a bit upset with the lack of RA in the media lately, but, darn it, he seems to crop up here and there! That Gizzy is just so addictive 😉

  5. HBO did do a fantastic job translating Martin’s book to the screen. And Jon Snow is one of the best male characters in the books. He only gets better as the series progresses!

    • They really are doing a great jobpresenting Martin’s vision, especially that the book is really well written and the characters are fascinating! Just heard the third series had received the green light! Keep it coming, I say!!!! 😉
      Jon Snow really is simply adorable 😉

  6. I have yet to see the second season, but the first season kept my interest effortlessly (hard to do). Well made, and not too cliched, or if it is, then the quality of the production obscured it from my notice!

    • I think you won’t be diasappointed with season 2. I have seen the first 2 episodes and I’m bummed I have to wait till Sunday for the next one. I agree that it is a rare combination of fascinating plots and really well cast actors. The dialog is witty and a bit cheeky at times 🙂 Two thumbs up from me 😉

  7. I’m playing catch up with GOT and watching Season 1 in the one hit! S2 has just started in OZ. Lots to look fwd too. Sorry he’s cute but not a patch on GoG, but I’m biased!

    • I think I’m jst ready to cheat and be a bit nauhty while the object of my affections is busy working hard on the other side of the word 😉 I’m just peeking at others though, I promise 😉

  8. I’m totally addicted to GOT. Sean Bean was the reason I started to watch because I simply love him (and he was drop dead gorgeous in Lady Chatterley 😉 ) Jon Snow is a pretty little thing, and as one character says in S2, he’s prettier than half of his daughters…. what can I add to that ? 😀 Like fedoralady, I’m head over heels for Peter Dinklage !

    • Yay, so it’s not just me going a bit crazy! HBO got it soooo right with this one! There really isn’t anything I dislike and I can’t wait for more! BTW Luciana wrote that Kit ala Bastard Snow is in Brazil. That’ll heat him up nicely 😉

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