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Pig Heads in Milton or why I’m RA Blue…

I’ve been feeling a bit “whatever” about being an RA fan in recent days…

Before I get bombarded, let me explain why.

I was hoping that by this time SOMETHING, ANYTHING Armitage had done during the Christmas break would have popped up by now.

Here’s Easter around the corner and there’s just nothing.

Excuse me,but how many Christian holidays are we expected to wait for something juicy?

So, I’ve decided to do as RA did during the Peter Jackson Vlog 6

Courtesy of Richard Armitage Alter Ego, I’ve mentioned this page before, its super funny!

I’m just going to turn around, Mr. A and I’m going to write a post on…

The pig heads parked in front of the Hale residence in Milton!

So, pig heads in a cart on a busy Victorian street in Milton is the topic of my post!

This is what I feel I have been reduced to!

Please feel free to ignore the centre of the picture and turn your focus on the right hand side.

Ever since I watched North and South for the first time, I have been playing a game of “spot the pig heads”.

They seem to be parked there  in quite a few scenes.

 It is unclear whether they are there because the local butchers conducts his business on the opposite side of the Hale house, or whether this is indeed the same batch all through the episodes, that has been abandoned or going through some strange Victorian meat pickling process.

I’m no meat specialist, if fact I’m a vegetarian, but I doubt the Milton smog would really smoke them to a satisfactory level.

My guess is the BBC prop department found them and stuck them in the shot for authenticity, hoping to get their moneys worth.

Maybe we would be able to find these in Pride and Prejudice or Doctor Who?

The proximity of the pig heads to the coffin has me a little nervous, but perhaps it’s a Milton thing…

I’m afraid to research online what a Victorian lady would do with a pig head, what fine dishes she would prepare.

I’m sure it was yummy…


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  1. This is hilarious!

  2. Here I am, from the heart of South America, sending you my sympathy … Guess most of RA fans are feeling exactly like you are!!!
    Pigs head… I don’t know why I never paid attention to them while I was watching NS… Well, I think a very gorgeous actor called my attention more than anything… LOL

    • I think I should apologise, because now you’ll be fixated on the pig heads 😉
      I do believe that some RA fans are hitting rock bottom, but I believe that it will be a good time to bounce back! I just need to grab hold of something that will pull me through this RA emptiness 😉

      • Over here there’s no RA emptiness… The most strage things are happening. Last Saturday, I was trying to forget (for some minutes) about RA movies, so I got the BBC Crime and Punishment DVD… When the series began, the first image was a N&S trailer… I couldn’t believe it… Today, I went to the movie theater to watch a documentary about Pina (a German ballet dancer) and the first imagine I saw was The Hobbit trailer (in 3D, fantastic, by the way). Is this a conspiracy against my sanity??? I don’t even need to look for the guy… he’s chasing me… LOL

        • Luciana, I do believe it’s fate! Now we have to figure out what the universe is trying to tell you. Maybe it is signalling that you should buy a plane ticket to NZ? With your luck maybe Jackson will move the movie production to Brazil and RA will b shooting right across the street from you. Oh, the wonderful possibilities 😉

          • Unfortunately, PJ will never leave NZ to como to Brazil, so don’t give me ideas… My vacations will be in May… LOL

          • Never say never! People come in contact with RA daily 😉 So what are your vacation plans? NZ? London? Anywhere you can help luck and better your chances? 😉 LOL

  3. Well, don’t despair, we still have several catholic holidays on the way (Pentecost, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart of Jesus…), meanwhile, we can learn to prepare recipes with pig heads, to keep anxiety under control… I don’t know if it will work but we can try 🙂

  4. My vacations are already planned since last December. I’ll start visiting The Netherlands, a quick visit to Paris and finish them in London in the beginning of June, where I’ll celebrate my birthday!!! Unfortunately there’s no possibility to meet RA anywhere… LOL
    Anyway, I’m counting on having fun, drinking some Dutch/Belgium beer and some French wine!!!

    • That sound like the perfect holiday. Then again, where I’m from, going to these places is a quick weekend away and Brazil would be the envy worthy option 😉
      June in London, you say…now THAT sounds interesting… who knows, you may just get lucky!

      • I believe I’m very lucky for being able to travel and visit different countries, cultures and people… I love travelling, even having to sped a lot of time in a plane 😦
        Well, London is interesting any time of the year… who knows what can happen there?? LOL


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