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Jillian Michaels- Sadist. Me- Masochist…


Jillian Michael, I have decided to take your challenge and embark of The Body Revolution.

Yes, I seem to be a masochistic fool!

That’s alright, because Michaels is a bit of a sadist, so this works out perfectly.

Shame I don’t work out perfectly 😉

If you haven’t heard about the system, check it out.

I have already done a few days of Ripped in 30 Days and 30 Day Shred.

Loved it!

But I flaked out, taking a day rest, because I was in so much pain and was walking around like a bow-legged  cowboy.

Then one day turned into a week, then Fanstra 3 hit and excesses came easy.

Now I’m back!

The system is separated into 3 Phases, each lasting a month, 6 days of workout and 1 day of rest.

As I didn’t start on Friday, my rest day will be on Thursday.

Yesterday I did Workout 1 from Phase 1 in the morning (5.30 am) and Cardio 1 in the evening.

This morning I moved on to Workout 2 from Phase 1 and I still have Cardio 1 to do.

 Lucky me…

So, how is it?

Hard, but doable. I am following the easier versions of exercises and not ashamed of it at all.

From the exercises I have tried, Cardio 1 is my least favorite.

I live in a block of flats and jumping up and down on a hard wooden floor would probably send my neighbours to the loony bin, so I’m trying to modify the movements.

 And don’t get me started on “suicide run”.

Really, Jillian? REALLY???

But, as always, Michaels delivers exercises that will make you sweat and motivates you to see it through.

How the hell does she know you’re about to quit?

Witchcraft is my guess…

My goal is to loose 10 kg, which is about 22 lbs.

Doable, me thinks.

May the force be with me!

I’ll keep you posted 😉

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    Let me go… it’s time for my running training… I’m almost running 8km… it’s not much I know, but I never thought I would go this far… hope to reach 10 km by the end of 2012!!!

    • That’s wonderful Luciana! What do you mean it’s not much? It’s about 7,7km more than I do! I don’t run, hate it in fact, but I’m lucky to be built like a tank and can withstand most things 😉

      • I’ve always hated exercising, but I’ve always put on weight very easily, so, after years doing crazy diets, today I just try to balance things so that I can eat and drink my glass of wine without feeling so guilty about that!!!

  2. I needed this more than you know. Been in a funk lately because I know I need to be doing likewise. I do the Leslie Sansone workout and know from the past it really works for me. I will do it today and get back on the train. Sure it will change my mood. Thank you so much for sharing your personal goal. Also, I really benefitted from the motivational posters. Good luck to you. I know you will succeed!

    • Thanks Kate! I think people like us are REALLY lucky. All I need to do to “get my groove back” is to exercise and lose a few kilograms! That’s a really good deal if you think how hard people need to struggle to get out of bed.
      Jillian is kicking my a*se like there’s no tomorrow, but I got a nice pair of denim jeans today in a size I wouldn’t have been able to fit in a couple of months ago! Made my day 😉
      Good luck with your goal! I know, KNOW you can do it!!!

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