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Armitage whets our appetite and reads North & South 1

I adore North & South

I adore Richard Armitage reading.

Why, Oh Why weren’t the two properly  combined?

Here is an excerpt, which is too short, but amazing nonetheless…



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  1. Wow… I love Mr. Thornton!!!!!!!

  2. lovemrthornton

    Gracious. That is so elegantly gorgeous. Where does a person find the entire narration? I can’t imagine hearing him read the whole thing. I think that’s almost better than the movie, to be honest. Would love to find out where to get this; thank you so much.

    • Unfortunately a full recording doesn’t exist, as far as I know! I can just imagine popping on my headphones and falling asleep with Mr. Thornton whispering softly in my ear! The mere thought of it is (almost) too much 😉

      • lovemrthornton

        LOL! That GUY (pun intended) needs to get BACK INTO THE STUDIO and FINISH IT. Men. They don’t recognize something truly golden when it’s staring them in the face. 😀

        • I cannot comment on anything connected to RA and my wish list, as I get very selfish and demanding. If I were his manager I’d force him to just sit, record, let himself be photographed etc. You see why I can’t really get in to it!Other RA fans would be on my like a ton of bricks 😉

          • lovemrthornton

            Well, I curtsey Jane-Austen style in thanks to Mr. Armitage for the one-minute-43-seconds of reading the best portion of the entire novel. It is truly amazing, sir, and your fans are most grateful.

          • I second that curtsey (in a very wobbly fashion) and focus on the wonderful audiobooks we do have thanks to RA 😉

          • lovemrthornton

            I only discovered this actor two months ago because I saw the movie *I know, I live under a rock* … and am now just getting acquainted with the rest of his work. Another friend has sent me links to his other audio recordings, so I’ll plan on getting them for long car journeys this summer.

            But this one was truly exquisite. He’s unbelievable.

  3. I think I’d just fall in a swoon listening to more than an excerp read by Mr. Thornton. 🙂

  4. Who knew that Richard Armitage was such a tease! 😉 It is almost cruel to have these little excerpts because we all want the whole book. Oh well.

    • lovemrthornton

      I know! This weekend after I discovered this on this blog, I posted that Armitage was a big jerk and a sadist on Twitter and immediately was told that I was, quote, “over-reacting.”

      The only thing I can compare this to is Clark Gable reading 1:43 of “Gone With the Wind” — the section where he says, “Kiss me, Scarlett. Kiss me. Just once.” And then Clark Gable says, “I’m TIRED of reading this book! You guys are just going to have to deal with it.”

      If audio books had existed in 1939 and Gable had done that, women would have rioted in the streets. 😀

      But seriously.

      What’s it going to take for this beautiful man with the golden voice to finish the job?

      • So you felt the wrath of RA protection? LOL, I would really love for him to finish the job, although I went through weeks of insomnia while listening to Lords of the North. I was so tired, but it was worth it. I’m not sure what N&S would do to me 😉

        • lovemrthornton

          Armitage fans would die in their beds of cardiac arrest. They’d have headphones on, listening to Armitage reading North & South, trying to get to sleep. Except their hearts would stop from sheer exhaustion of the thrill. The next morning, the CDC in Atlanta would investigate the strange mystery of sleep deaths of women worldwide. Maybe MI-5 in London would get involved, too. It would be worldwide massive panic!

          Maybe it’s a good thing he hasn’t made the recording. He’s saving lives, everywhere!

          But seriously. GET BACK IN THE STUDIO AND FINISH IT, YOU DOLT. Enough of this Hobbit nonsense! We are going to picket in Wellington, dammit.

          • I know, I’m so excited about The Hobbit, but REALLY?!? Do they have to film it so freakin’ long? Enough already! Stick some computer graphics on it, can it and let’s move on! I better overdose on RA interviews and photoshooots in December for the drought we are going through now! I want to be swimming in RA / Thorin articles come the end of the year!

    • He IS a tease, I guess that makes US the hunters chasing after him 😉


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