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I’ll have my hour back, thank you very much…

Thanks a lot Daylight saving time!

Thanks to you today I had to get up an hour earlier and stress that I’ll be late for my lecture.

Thanks for messing with my head.

An hour doesn’t seem much, but just think of the things I could do:

I could sleep in…

I could have a nice, calm cup of coffee…

I could catch up with posts, comments, twitter…

 I could chit chat on the phone and get the latest gossip…

Instead, I feel a lot like this…

Images: RaCentral  & RANet

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  1. You have such a way to put things that it’s impossible to argue with you… LOL
    All I can do is express my sympathy ….
    Seriously, I hope you ajust yourself to the new time soon, but I know it’s difficult. I also hate this ‘daylight saving time’. Luckly, here in south hemisphere, it finished one month ago… and fall has just started!!!

    • Luckily I’m an early bird, so apart from stressing that I will oversleep or miscalculate, it’s OK. I find filtering my reality through RA characters makes it easier to process what’s happening 😉 That’s why I’ve gone back to Strike Back and I’m letting Porter ease me through this weird time! You know I have a crush on Porter, right? 😉

  2. I am feeling it too, today!! And here I’ve been laughing at my US based counterparts for the last two weeks!! At least we’ll get what appears to be longer days of light at the end of the day!

    • Yup, can’t beat that logic, however if you leave the house at 7am and then they steal that hour, you end up leaving at 6am. Now, that’s not very nice! The sun is struggling to rise, there’s frost on cars, the sky is pale! But this, too, we shall overcome! If the Americans could, so can we 🙂


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