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Ric + hard= Richard

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The name Richard derives from German, French, and English “ric” (ruler, leader, king) and “hard” (strong, brave, court), therefore it means “powerful leader” as well as “King’s Court”.

Richard is a typical name in many Germanic languages, including English, German, Swedish and Dutch.


Based on the characters RA has portrayed…

Let’s test the “ric” part:

Now, the “hard” part:

Most images: RACentral

Here is the name “Richard” in other languages 😉

Latin: Richardus

Croatian: Rikard

Russian: Ричард (Richard)

Scandinavian: Rickard, Richard, Rikard, Ríkarður

Greek: Ριχάρδος (Richárdos)

Arabic: ريتشارد (Rytshrd, Ritshrd, Rytshard, Ritshard)

Chinese: 理查德 (Lĭchádé)

Korean: 리차드

Hebrew: ריצ’רד (Ritzard)

Polish: Ryszard, Rysio, Rysiek, Ryś

Icelandic: Ríkharður

English pet forms: Ricky, Rickie, Rikki, Richie, Richy, Richu, Rich, Dickie

Please feel free to add the name “Richard” in your language in the comments!!!

And remember about The Paper Richard Competition!


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"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons". A fangirl through and through, anglophile, and admirer of beauty whereever I can find it. I love books and art, and spend too much time admiring Richard Armitage and other amazing British actors.

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  1. Ric hard, that’s me done, can’t think of anything else now. 🙂

  2. How interesting a little of etymology!! I think the name fits the man… or the man fits his name?? In Portuguese is Ricardo!!!

  3. Perhaps his name can just be his face! Words will never come close to describing this man. ♥

  4. Hi girls, now I find etymology really, really interesting… In spanish is also Ricardo….

  5. Bo “Wszystkie Ryśki to fajne chłopy”! 🙂


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