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Spectacle Richard Armitage

Hello, can’t really wrap my head around a proper Armitage post (I’m still going through the FanstRA 3 posts), so I shall leave you with something sweet and super adorable, but a bit on the lazy and unimaginative side!

IWantToBeAPinUp luvs you! She just needs to get her groove back 😉

I have a feeling I will be scheduling a date with John Porter and Strike Back really soon!

Girls love to make passes

At men who wear glasses…

The question is, who wears them the best?

Harry Jasper Kennedy

Faux Russian, Lucas style

Herr Heinz Kruger

 Images: RACentral 

Remember about The Paper Richard Competition!

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  1. PinUp, I simply go crazy for the Russian tycoon, so stylish and disdainful.
    I also love when he talks Russian! LOL

  2. Heinz looks older. Harry looks funny. Lucas, definitely, looks much better!!!
    And I’m lucky that your post made me laugh in a moment in which my humor is gone (hope not forever!!)!! THANK YOU!!!

    • Luciana, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope it gets better soon. In the meantime, I think I must prescribe a round of Armitage therapy that will chase the blues away! I’m sending you LOTS of POSITIVE energy, not sure it will help, but it can’t hurt 🙂

      • It’s just PMS… Don’t know if RA is a good idea today (by the end of the day I could be hating him), but your positive energy is already working. Thank you!!!

        • RA seems like the type of guy who would make you hot tea, fill a hot water bottle and make chemist’s / drug store runs for those embarassing female products 😉
          OK, I don’t know that for sure and cannot base this on reality, but in my mind that’s the type of guy he is!

          • It would be heaven to have someone to do, at least, one of these things for me…. LOL… Let me just dream a little bit about this!!!!

  3. lovelyritablog

    Oh my, the Armitage! Now i have to go and watch ‘North and South’ again.

  4. OMG Lucas for sure, I let out an audible squee when I scrolled down to that pic of him, far out ….he is damm sexy in those specs!


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