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Heinz Kruger in his Skivvies

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Five of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain!

If you missed Day Four, check out the posts at Gratiana Lovelace, Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and Do I have a blog? .

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at thearmitageeffect and JT’s blog.

I was shocked to learn that Heinz Kruger from Captain America was among the least liked Richard Armitage characters!

Sure, there are the Nazi sympathies, bomb detonation, using children as shields in a crossfire etc. aspects to him, however we have forgiven various RA characters for worse crime (although, I admit, not by much).

I refuse to believe Heinz didn’t ignite our passion (get it? bomb? ignite? Oh, nevermind…).

I personally feel he has an undie-served reputation!

We have never really had the chance to see Heinz in a friendlier environment.

Perhaps with Kruger it’s the case of, as Harry Jasper Kennedy would say:

” stark, crisp exterior with the promise of softness beneath…”

That is why I invite you to take a peek beneath the rough exterior of the 40s suit, with its puffy bold shoulders and rough wool.

Let’s have a look at the softer, more domestic side to him.

I’ll try to be brief!

You may think that Heinz is so uptight because he had his skivvies in a gripping twist.

No such thing!

The ads of the WWII era stated:

 “Uncle Sam needs rubber so Jockey waistbands are no longer all-elastic.”

This would mean that during his stay in Brooklyn, New York, plotting and conniving, Heinz would be unable to purchase a nice, tight, stretchy pair of undies.

Those that he would buy would have a woven waistband and two side buttons.

Maybe Heinz was so evil because he just didn’t get the support he needed.

There is something sexy about suspenders, although perhaps not so much on men.

They guarantee a man’s socks stay up in all conditions.

Even while driving through a busy Brooklyn neighborhood circa 1942, shooting at innocent by-standers and being chased by Captain America, there would be no sign of a pasty calf.

He may have unsuccessfully tried to escape in a weird submarine thingy and bitten through a cyanide pill, inevitably resulting in death, but I bet his socks did not roll down.

I guarantee they stayed up

Now, that’s what I call fashion elegance!

So next time you are quick to judge poor misunderstood Heinz, remember!

He too had a home, a private life and he too changed his undies daily!

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36 responses »

  1. *Giggles* I never really fancied sock suspenders until today. 😉

  2. LOL… That’s what I call get inside a character… Now I have a couple of new ideas in my head

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  4. You certainly know how to make HK look interesting!!! Maybe I should give him a chance!!!

    • Yes, you should Luciana! I wish they had dressed him in black leather! Somehow being evil dressed head to toe in leather mkes us forgive the character a lot easier! Think Guy 😉
      The biggest issue with Heinz is Blink and you’ll miss him! If RA had a little more time on screen, he’d MAKE you love him 😉

  5. Snuggling up in Van Gogh’s bed with Richard….thud! And as for those suspenders………..swoon. I have to admit I did squee when RA appeared on screen as Heinz(and I got into trouble! LOL) Fanatastic pics BTW. 🙂

    • Thanks Beachbaby! I too think he is swoon worthy The problem is he didn’t get a chance to spread his wings! And with regards to his “cough” bedroom, it’s always the quiet ones that turn out to be the most flamboyant 😉

  6. ROFL – another great post. I love the pictures!! I can’t really see HK in a pink bath however.

    Do you think he hid a weapon is his sock suspenders?

    • Thanks Mulubinba! I was a bit surprised by the pink bathroom too, but as Heinz was kind enough to open the door to his secret lair, I didn’t want to judge! And the collection of pretty porcelain knickknacks in the livingroom? I felt that was a bit over the top 😉

  7. Great post! You did get under his skin! Still giggling…

  8. Hilarious! Thanks for that!

  9. Shaving Heinz, mmmm….thinking back to naughty boy Percy Courtney’s shaving scene in Marie Lloyd. Nothing sexier than a man shaving methinks……..or hair washing- sorry flashbacking to Guy! LOL..

  10. ROFL at those pictures and applaud your creativity. The sock suspenders did get my heart thumping.

  11. LOL! Brilliant!I love it,especially suspenders.:D My greatgrandfather wore something like that and he slept in a strange mesh(grid?) cap. 🙂

  12. Those ten minutes of Heinz Kruger in the movie were way too short. It lacked shorts!
    Your funny tingly post is that sock suspender we followers needed.

    Keep those socks up! ** still giggling **

  13. Wow, this is fantastic, this may be my candidate for favorite F3 post so far. Excellent! And I too, have suddenly developed an oddly prurient interest in men’s sock suspenders.

  14. Outstanding! ROTFL! I have color ink in my printer so I can make some Heinz Kruger paper dolls now. 😉

    • Heinz may like drab clothes and glasses, but he sure likes an explosion of colour at home 🙂 I had a dream last night that someone commented that the pink bathroom was more 50s than 40s, so the whole concept doesn’t work .LOL!
      Thanks bccmee!

  15. Brilliant. The secret iife of Heinz Kruger!

  16. Hi Pinup!
    This is so funny! And I love your artwork!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  17. Fabulous! Didn’t know HK was so dapper underneath that grey suit -yowzer! Love those sexy pajamas.

  18. I can’t believe I ever missed this! Thanks to a comment from Servetus I came rushing over to see Heinz in his sock suspenders…and you didn’t disappoint! Never again will I think of them as unsexy! 🙂

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