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It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, Richard Armitage

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Three of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain! If you missed Day Two, check out the posts at Melanie’s Musings, An Obsessed Fanatic and  Do I Have a Blog?

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

It really is a Dog Eat Dog World, or as Britney Spears would say to her dogs: It’s Richard Armitage, b*tch!

As a dog lover, I can’t help but notice how much humans tend to resemble their dogs.

So with hardly a moments paws…

Take Guy of Gisborne, from Robin Hood

The fierce rottweiler-like henchman of the Sheriff is loyal but deadly. Whether he was really a good man, that’s a matter to chew over…

Because of that evil Vasey, poor Gizzy felt like he was going round in circles, chasing his own tail.

Then again, every time an evil plan was hatched, Guy was all ears.

He followed at the Sheriff’s heel and that always ended badly.

Yes, Gizzy has done plenty of bad things, but afterward at least he didn’t try to flea.

Perhaps Guy is like a mixed breed dog, half Lab, half pit bull.

 Sure, he might bite off your leg, but he’ll bring it right back to you.

Then we have the spy extraordinaire, the international man of mystery and mischief, Lucas North from Spooks.

He is one mean, lean, London saving machine!

I bet he makes you hot under the collar…

With his strong frame and long muscular legs, he reminds me of a pedigree Doberman.

Of course in season 9 it all went to the dogs.

I guess RA fans have quite a bone to pick with the writers of Spooks.

But, as I said to my friend Russel: It don’t mean jack! We still love Lucas!

Then again, from a certain angle…ermm… he resembles a different breed altogether…

Then there’s poor John Standring of Sparkhouse, bless him!

As this was the first high-profile role for RA, it probably gave him a new leash on life…

As a farmer, he’s good at handling farm animals, much like a sheep herding dog.

Anyway, with Carol’s mood swings, poor John often ended up in the doghouse.

Now that was ruff…

John tried to reason with her, but he just wasn’t herd.

I often wish John would stand on his own four legs!

What does Carol expect? That he’ll wag his tail every time he sees her?

But for poor John life is like a dogsled team. If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Next up is the unappreciated Claude Monet, dogged by all the art critics.

 That really ticked him off!

No wonder he was so melon collie in The Impressionists!

Poor Richard had questionable facial hair and dodgy wig in this one, much like a chinese nude dog.

Nevermind, I still find him quite fetching…

Then there’s John Thornton from North & South.

He sure marked new territories in the textile manufacturing world of Milton.

I mean, his position in the North is nothing to bark at, he was a mastiff success…

Must have been thanks to the Lassie faire economy.

Maybe instead of a cotton factory, he should have had a chocolate lab.

By the time the strike had finished, it had all gone to the dogs.

Luckily, Margaret could retrieve it all.

Dear Thorin, The Hobbit hasn’t yet hit the screens, but I have a feeling you will be this woman’s best friend!

You have kept Richard away for a long time, but I’m not sniffing at that.

There’s no point in b*tching about you being away filming for the past year.

We love you anyway and where you lead, we follow!

Let’s not beat around the bush, the movie’s going to be a great dane.

And if Richard Armitage was a dog, I’d treat him just like my two Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Emma and Mela.

I ‘d love it when he slept in my bed, even if he took up most of it.

 I’d let him lay on my lap for hours and stroke him.

 I’d let him lick my face to show how much he loves me.

I’d forgive for any naughtiness the moment I laid eyes on that beautiful (not pug) face.

I’d bundle him up warm when it’s cold and hate to force him to pee outside when it’s frosty…

And for all the awful K-9 puns, I beg your Paw-don…

Feel free to raise your leg in salute to how doggone ridiculous they are 😉

For more of The Freeform chain in FanstRA 3, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

Yesterday’s posts are at Melanie’s Musings, An Obsessed Fanatic and Do I Have a Blog?

Tomorrow, The Freeform chain tagteam continues at Something About Love (A),Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and Do I Have a Blog?

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  2. Dies laughing. That was very punny. I want to pat Richard on the rump and give him a treat and tell him he’s been a very good boy quite often myself.

  3. LOL!!! Very punny indeed! As an animal lover myself (and once the owner of a dumb but adorable cockapoo terrier) I thought it was a dog-gone good post. Two paws up (oops, I mean four!)

    I suddenly have an irresistible urge to scratch Richard behind his elvin ears. 😉

  4. Absolutely doggone hilarious! Love the K-9 puns!

  5. LMAO! You are an amazing punner, and some of these similarities are really overwhelming!

  6. These are brilliant comparisons! LOL!

    • Thanks! I may never look at Monet without thinking of a Chinese Crested Dog. You have to put suntan lotion on them because they burn quickly in the sunn. Much like Monet I should imagine 😉

  7. This is fantastic! My favorite line: “Sure, he might bite off your leg, but he’ll bring it right back to you.” ROFL.

  8. You’re incredibly punny;
    but I missed Harry;
    as he is slim, sweet and sexy,
    does he remind you to a collie ?

  9. As owner of three dogs, including a husky, I loved your post!!

  10. Oh my! I love this – hilarious, witty,and so clever!

    Thorin! Perfect!

  11. Fabulous, just fabulous. ANd, I can see the resemblance of all of RA’s characters and the different dog breeds. As an ardent dog lover, I thoroughly enjoyed your play on words. Bravo.

  12. I’m not a ‘dog person’ – always trying to keep a safety distance between me and a dog (although for some unfathomable reason dogs usually seem to love me). Your post is hilarious! I can really see the similarities between the characters and the dogs and your post is well written too. I was definitely LMAO while reading it! 😉

  13. Doglover’s post to die for, but devastated Thorin compared with an Afghan Hound. Wonder if he’s more long-haired German Shepherd!

  14. Wonderful post …lol! I had the link to post for you on the fb page, and I simply couldn’t imagine what you were going to write about. I can’t decide which is my favourite. I think it is a toss up between John Thornton and John Standring.

    • Thanks Mulubina! Thanks for the post and all the hard work you’ve put in putting everything together FanstRA! I’ve run out of dog puns, so I’ll just say you ladies have made this week purr-fect 😉

  15. Great…. great… loved your post!!!

  16. LOL at a very amusing post. Very much a four paw award. John Thornton and his friend get me with the eyes.

  17. Thanks lucylou! An RA dog would win paws down at any award show. He’s fine breeding and a true champion 😉

  18. I don’t even no what to say, except that this was brilliant! I love all of the puns.

  19. You’re the QUEEN of PUN! I may never forgive you for what you did with MY Monet!!!

    • Thanks Fanny!
      I’m coming from a place of love, so all must be forgiven 😉 I adore Monet, but he was just too fluffy in The Impressionists to be any other dog LOL!
      As for puns, when they started seeping into RL I knew I had a problem and it was time to publish the post!

  20. ROFLOL!!!! You need a warning on this one: may need to put away food and drink and relieve yourself before reading.

  21. ROFL! What a great post! Two of the most adorable & loveable subjects in one post and a glorious pun-party too boot. Oh, and I agree with Frenz that it should come with a health warning not just because of the puns but you managed to sneak in THAT naughty shot too. Oh my… 🙂

  22. Love this post! I wish the list was even longer with more characters and dogs and puns! But my favorites are probably Thornton / Husky and Mr. Bafta / adorable Yorkshire Terriers!

    • Thanks Expat, who knows? Maybe there’ll be a dog post in the future.
      My sister Magzy, who was helping me out with graphics, but not a RA fan (I know, I don’t get it eaither…) wanted to continue, but I figured any more bad dog puns and my readers will start throwing dog treats at me, 🙂

  23. LOL! I love it! *giggle*..*hiccup* ..*giggle*..what you did to my Claude?!
    My multiracial Psota(Mischief)greets your beauties.:)
    As for me, the most beautiful man in the world looks like German Sheperd .;)

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  26. Giggles, Pinup!
    You’ve missed your calling. This commentary is hilarious! And the photo pairings are priceless!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  27. Priceless!!!!! This post is a keeper.

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    fully explained, keep it up all the time.

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