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FanstRAvaganza 3 is coming, time to start chilling the wine!

<p>TGIF. Lucas knows what I’m talking about.<br />
A couple more hours and hopefully I’ll be downing some vodka myself. Have a good weekend, y’all.<br />

I am keeping to the booze theme.

I think it’s connected to the looming deadline of FanstRAvaganza 3.

This is really not the time to crack open a bottle.

Me thinks come Monday (00:01 GMT), when it’s time to dive into all the wonderful posts created for the events, I’ll celebrate and end up falling off the chair laughing, have slurred speech and blurred vision.

On the upside, I will think the posts are extra amusing 🙂

On the downside, just think of the comments I may end up leaving…


Na zdrowie!

Na zdraví!

Saude, Viva!


Eis Igian!


Budem zdorovy!

From Between the Sheets.

‘Ugh, so difficult to drink things with this damn cravat on. Must take dainty sips.’

‘Just smile and drink boys, smile and drink.’

Richard Armitage drinks as Philip Durrant in Marple: Ordeal by Innocence.

That is all. :3

All images from Richard Armitage Drinks Things, it’s wickedly funny and the admin has a strange thing for RA and bananas 🙂

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  1. LOL! I do love shots (get it? shots?) of the man eating and drinking. 😀 Yeah, F3 will soon be here. I thought I was in a pickle re the event because my laptop power cord appeared to have given up the ghost last night and my battery went dead as a doornail. A new one is on the way but in the meantime, if I employ the Tongue of Concentraion and keep the box thingy on it on my chest, it works. 😉 I think all this Richarding was just too hot for the poor cord to handle. 😀

    • That’s s*ds law! I’m surprised more equipment doesn’t fry because of his absolute hotness! By the way, I’m happy you’re reaping the benefits of your chest. It’s wonderful in how many instances it makes our life better and gets us out of a pinch 😉
      Keeping fingers crossed and sending extRA positive energy!

  2. Plenty of wine bottles in the cellar… Guess I’ll need rehab after FanstRAvaganza 3….Lol…
    As we say here ‘saúde’!!!

  3. I believe that you deserve the best after all your hard work. And I will do the same while I read all the information available… Really, it will be hard work = )


    • It’s a celebration like no other! So, down the hatch and let’s enjoy every minute of next week (when that silly thing called reality doesn’t stand in the way).
      Yay FanstRA!

  4. I’m tossing one back with you! It is going to be so much fun. I am looking forward to reading your take on the week. You’re great!


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