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RA The North and The South

Which do I prefer: The North or the South?

 I like the North…

Images: AllthingsRArmatige


 And I like the South…

Image: jagrant


Image: me+richard


 This is what RA has to say on the topic, although I doubt we had the same thing in mind 😉


North or south?

Image: RecycledVinyl check it out- it’s VERY entertaining!

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  1. Why do I have do choose??? I don’t see any problem in enjoying the north, south, east and west…LOL

  2. Hi IWantToBeAPinUp!
    What a lovely blog you have! For sure this long ang illuminating trip from north to south widens horizonts.;)


    North for me. Oddly enough I prefer his south in jeans
    and still ROFLMAO. Biggest laugh I’ve had this week so far, thank you. 🙂

  4. You are soooo naughty! I am a Northern girl myself but I certainly enjoy visiting southern climes. 😀 (I also loved the North of England. And Scotland! – I felt at home there even though my ancestors came from the south of England.)

  5. Naughty? It was a simple geographical question! LOL 🙂

  6. Hmmmm…. tough decision….. depends on the day I’ll take the north other I’ll go for the south… Oh my!! I’m blushing over here…


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