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If you LOVE to Read!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: I fear my obsession with reading someecards is bordering intervention worthy.

Funny Workplace Ecard: My most marketable office skill is being able to conceal the fact that I'm bringing reading material into the bathroom.

Funny Weekend Ecard: I enjoy spending weekend nights reading about interesting things I could have been doing.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: I'm sure Oprah would've recommended your book if you ever wrote it.

Armitage whets our appetite and reads North & South 1

I adore North & South

I adore Richard Armitage reading.

Why, Oh Why weren’t the two properly ¬†combined?

Here is an excerpt, which is too short, but amazing nonetheless…


Jillian Michaels- Sadist. Me- Masochist…


Jillian Michael, I have decided to take your challenge and embark of The Body Revolution.

Yes, I seem to be a masochistic fool!

That’s alright, because Michaels is a bit of a sadist, so this works out perfectly.

Shame I don’t work out perfectly ūüėČ

If you haven’t heard about the system, check it out.

I have already done a few days of Ripped in 30 Days and 30 Day Shred.

Loved it!

But I flaked out, taking a day rest, because I was in so much pain and was walking around like a bow-legged  cowboy.

Then one day turned into a week, then Fanstra 3 hit and excesses came easy.

Now I’m back!

The system is separated into 3 Phases, each lasting a month, 6 days of workout and 1 day of rest.

As I didn’t start on Friday, my rest day will be on Thursday.

Yesterday I did Workout 1 from Phase 1 in the morning (5.30 am) and Cardio 1 in the evening.

This morning I moved on to Workout 2 from Phase 1 and I still have Cardio 1 to do.

¬†Lucky me…

So, how is it?

Hard, but doable. I am following the easier versions of exercises and not ashamed of it at all.

From the exercises I have tried, Cardio 1 is my least favorite.

I live in a block of flats and jumping up and down on a hard wooden floor would probably send my neighbours to the loony bin, so I’m trying to modify the movements.

¬†And don’t get me started on “suicide run”.

Really, Jillian? REALLY???

But, as always, Michaels delivers exercises that will make you sweat and motivates you to see it through.

How the hell does she know you’re about to quit?

Witchcraft is my guess…

My goal is to loose 10 kg, which is about 22 lbs.

Doable, me thinks.

May the force be with me!

I’ll keep you posted ūüėČ

Life from The Hunger Game perspective

I like to hear how much people enjoyed watching The Hunger Games.

These are¬†people who haven’t read the books and didn’t really know what the big hoopla was about.

I have a feeling the book has began to seep through to real life ūüėČ

You'd totally win the Hunger Games if passive-aggressive behavior could kill.

 funny hunger games art    Hunger Games Themed Someecards   TwiHG someecards

Worst Waxwork figures EVER!


 Here are some of the worst wax figures EVER!

Try and guess which person they are supposed to be, you will find the answers at the bottom.

Not that you will believe me, in most cases ūüėČ


















Here are the answers:

1. Drew Barrymore

2. Pretty Woman herself (cough) Julia Roberts

3. It’s (kinda’) Britney, b*tch!

4. You may believe in life after love, but it’s hard to believe this is Cher

5. If I told you this was Charles Manson, you wouldn’t belive me anyway…

6. Even Dina wouldn’t recognise Lindsay Lohan here

7. LeAnn¬†Rimes, but this is a hard one, as the figure¬†isn’t in a bikini

8. The most recognisable man on Earth, Barack Obama

9. Heeeerrrreee’ssss Jack Nicholson…

10. Jane Fonda, must be before all that surgery…

11. Bruce Willis. No, really…

12. Sandra Bullock, American’s sweetheart looks like a man in drag

13. Diamonds are a girl’s¬†best friend, wax- not so much! Poor Marilyn!

14. Oprah is apparently Diana Ross’ twin

15. Neither Katie, nor Nicole would recognise Tom Cruise here

16. At least the number on the T-shirt is accurate for Michael Jordan

17. Tricky Dick gets waxed… not well, though…

New Marilyn Monroe Photos from the set of “Niagra” 1953

Intimate: Trusted make-up artists Allan 'Whitey' Snyder took these charming shots of a 27-year-old Marilyn Monroe relaxing between takes

The previously unreleased photos of Marilyn Monroe were taken by Allan “Whitey” Snyder, who was her make-up artist.

 Apparently MM would ask him to take pictures of her to calm her nerves before filming.

Trusted: Allan Snyder's photos are remarkable for the obvious warmth of his relationship with Monroe and show none of the stage fright which she struggled with throughout her career

The following pictures, never before seen by the public, were taken on location while she filmed her first leading role for Niagara in 1953.

At ease: The remarkable pictures, taken by make-up artist Allan

Playful: Snyder spent hours coaxing and comforting Monroe as she prepared to film her scenes and managed to snap the intimate pictures

Stunning: The unseen photographs show a carefree Marilyn Monroe soaking up the sun on a beach between film takes


The Most Used and Abused Armitage Character

In a previous post, written after re-watching Strike Back, I stated that out of all the characters RA has played, John Porter is quite possibly the most abused.

It made sense to me that poor Porter would constantly be physically harmed and  forced by circumstances to put himself in danger.

He was lied to and abandoned in his time of need.

The fact that he’s been ill-treated cannot be doubted.

But is he the most tormented character?

I just don’t know, so I’ll let you choose.

Poor Gizzy has had his fair share of abuse and humiliation.

Poor Lucas spent years in a Russian prison, being both physically and mentally tortured.

John Standring has had his heart trampled on a thousand times, but continues to come back for more.

John Thornton has had more than a few ups and downs, and that was before he met the head-strong Margaret.

Perhaps there is another character you feel deserve the title of “Most Used and Abused” Armitage character?

Monet? Thorin?


Eve Arnold meets Marylin Monroe

Eve Arnold, a pioneering photojournalist, is best known for her intimate portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

She first photographed Marilyn in the early 50s.

The most striking images come from the set of “The Misfits”, filmed over the summer of 1960.

It was a time of turmoil for Marilyn, which saw the unravelling of her marriage to Arthur Miller.

This is what Arnold had to say about Marilyn:

How to undress Porter

I am still on my Strike Back high.

I am here to tell you a secret!

You want to see John Porter in the nude?

Just order him to strip!

Works like a charm!

Look how I do it:

John Porter!

Over here, John! 

Listen to the sound of my voice!

Have you noticed how hot it is?

The sun is scorching, you feel sweaty and need to cool down…

Therefore, I think should STRIP!

Don’t be shy, you should take that jacket and T-shirt off…

That’s it, all the way off…

Now, that’s a good Porter!!!¬† ūüėČ

If only all men where that easy…

Spring Pin-Up Girls

A few beautiful Pin-Up Girl  images to celebrate Spring


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