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They made Mr Thornton wait? How rude!

Can you believe RA was the first to audition for the role of John Thornton in North and South, but was the last to be cast?


Image: Armatige Fan Blog

Excuss me, but what was the hold up?

Was ther EVER any doubt?

By the way, it makes me wonder what other movies and series RA auditioned for, but didn’t get.

Do you think he would have been a good Sherlock?

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Image: RACentral 

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  1. Hmm, Sherlock. Jeremy Brett is still my favorite, but RA would also have looked the part, and had the attitude. But there is a sort of manic joy to the character too that I have not seen RA play yet, but which I think makes or breaks any Sherlock portrayal. Cumberbatch is good at this (though I still haven’t seen season 2).

    • Cumberbatch sets my heart a-flutter to the point where I literally find myself punching the air. I couldn’t contain myself during the last episode of season 3. I’m adamant to think of anyone else in the part. Having said that I’d like RA to access that crazy part. Hard to imagine what would come of that 😉

  2. It really boggles the mind that it took them so long to cast Richard in North & South. He was John Thornton, to the point that I can’t imagine anyone else filling his shoes. RA as Sherlock, that’s an interesting idea. I love Cumberbatch in that role, he has just the right amount of crazy going on!

    • I may well be starving for something new from RA, but all of a sudden watching him access the crazy seems really appealling! Then again, at this ponit I will go for just about anything new 😦

      • I think he’s an incredibly talented guy, so I think he could pull off crazy. It would certainly be fun to watch! 😉

        • And you just KNOW no matter how crazy we’d still love it, justify it and think he’s sexy 😉 We’re very forgiving towards his characters LOL

          • I’m ashamed to admit it, but to a certain degree that is true of me. Think about all the fanfic that tries to rewrite Guy (it was really the sheriff who left Seth in the forest) or alters how season 9 of Spooks went. We like our tall, dark and handsome actor to play a good guy or at least one we think can be redeemed.

  3. Amazing he was cast so late! Because WHAT a find. I showed the series to some friends recently and the minute Mr Thornton appeared, she asked, “WHO is that actor?!?!” He just stands out with that incredible look and his talents.

  4. Honey, there is NOTHING he wouldn’t be good at! 🙂

  5. I read an interview awhile ago but I can no longer find it. An actress who starred in a doctor-type soap opera in the UK said that several actors auditioned for a role and she was asked which actor she wanted. She said, “Richard Armitage!” Well he still didn’t get the part. I think this show was either Doctors or Casualty, both of which RA guest-starred on. I wish I could find that interview again.

    • I think we would be suprised at what parts he didn’t get. There’s a limited amount of working British actors and I guess they go for the same parts all the time. If I was a producer, I’d request he audition. Insert own casting couch joke here 😉


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