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Guy and Archer, the Gisborne boys


My, those Gisborne boys do have long swords ( and yes, I know Archer isn’t really a Gisborne, but it sounds so much better).

Do you think there is any family resemblance  between Guy and Archer?





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  1. LOL, from most to least handsome, from left to right I’m presuming? Shame they did’nt go ahead with the 4th series.

  2. Guy is in a class all by itself, though I didn’t have to force myself to look at Archer either. Jonas never cranked my tractor. Couldn’t get past the great Guyness on the screen.

  3. Sad that in only one episode Archer won me over, when Robin couldn’t manage it in 3 seasons. I love the Gisborne boys together too!

  4. That is one lovely Gisborne gene pool! It must be the French roots 🙂

  5. I’d say Guy won the biggest pot in the gene lotto, with Archer lucking out and taking after Ghislaine while Robin obviously and fortunately took after Daddy Locksley. Guy and Archer got the whole “tall, dark and toothsome” thing going on while Bobbin–well, he doesn’t iMHO.

    You know, the guy who played Archer apparently was under consideration to play RH. Why oh WHY did they make the choice they did??

    • LOL that is so true! There’s always that one person in the family who seems to have inhereted the less fortunate features 😉 my sister (who is crushing on Archer) on first sight asked the question- And why wasn’t HE cast as Robin? Then again perhaps TV’s around the world would have exploded with Sexy Overload!

  6. I’ve always liked that last photo. Just look at Richard’s left hand – shades of his dancing days. I’d love to see him waltzing or doing the Argentine Tango!

    • You just know that somewhere deep inside him is the passion to lead a lady in a sexy dance. I think it may be his stance, his body language. That must be one lucky lady who gets to slow dance with him 😉

  7. Archer definitely took after the Ghislaine. While not quite as handsome as Guy, he’s loads better than Robin. Do I see a resemblance? Well, Guy and Archer both rock the stubble they’re sporting!


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