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Death Becomes Guy- a grave subject


If you have not seen Robin Hood or do not wish to know how it ends, do not read on!

I have finally finished watching Robin Hood.

There are too many thoughts to stick into one blog and I shall probably be nit-picking things for months to come.

Today I wanted to analyze the final episode. I did shed a tear. I thought the story was well constructed and I was satisfied with how it all played out.

I only had one wish for Guy (I knew he would meet his maker, most RA characters do).

I didn’t want him to be killed by Isabella.

Oh well, technically she tag teamed it with the Sheriff.

Image: Allthingsarmitage

Guy Gisborne’s death was very moving. He had found his peace and died an honorable man. He received the redemption he so longed for.

RA squeezed every last drop of emotion from the scene, without making it melodramatic.

 Undoubtedly he knows how to act the “falling off the perch” part. The beautiful expression of pain, perfect positioning of the body and hands.

The look in his eyes of life slowly slipping away.

This is a lesson in mastery on how to die beautifully on camera.

Images: RACentral 

The reason why I’m fixated on how it is done correctly is because of the contrast offered by Jonas Armstrong. They gave Robin a sweet farewell, with Marian coming for him and yet all Jonas could come up with was the following:


Oh Robin, this is not how to die gracefully, let Gizzy show you:


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  1. I had not recognized the contrast between Robin and Guy’s last moments, but you’re right. Guy even makes death look good.

  2. I have to admit I was crying so much at the time I really didn’t pay attention to how the “hero” of the show died. But you are right, as in so many other ways, Richard’s performance as the dying Guy trumped the h*ll out of Jonas’s death scene.

    In that screencap above, Jonas looks like he has fallen over in a drunken stupor.

    Richard, on the other hand, dies beautifully. The warmth in his eyes as he looked up into Archer’s and the way he simply says, “Brother” conveyed so much about the redeemed man as he lay dying. I was cheesed off because nobody came to welcome him to heaven. His mother or Meg would have done nicely.

    I did not want Guy to die, although I knew at that point it was going to happen and even how, because they goofed and sent out the DVDs early to some people who saw the actual death scene before it aired. And i read spoilers. It actually helped me to know that because it allowed me to be mentally prepared. Oh, I still cried, because I an a sentimental old fool and Richard makes me care so much about his character.

    But I think it was a good death, in two senses. First, Guy died “proud and free” with his relationship mended with his former enemy and with his half-brother at his side; secondly, it was beautifully acted by the actor who never ceases to amaze me, the incomporable RA.

    Oh, and i did think it merciless overkill to have mad Izzie knife him in the back with her poisoned blade on top of the sheriff running him through. Poor Guy! 😦

    • I liked the symbolism of both the Sheriff and his sister wounding him mortally, but him dying in Robin’s arms, so to speak.
      However I believe that Marian would have come for Guy, as part of forgiveness, if you will. I just don’t believe a woman would cross the barrier of life and death for Robin. Then again, I don’t even pretend to be objective at this point 😉

      • He did die beautifully, perhaps it’s all that practice he’s had. 😉 Robin does look a bit like a slumped over drunk. I love the redemption of Guy and it comes across so well in this scene.

        As far as Marian turning up for Robin…give me a break, how long did it take after her death before he was snogging Isabella and Kate!!!! If anything Marian would have been steaming in the afterlife for having wasted so much time on Robin, when she could have had Guy! (Just my two cents.) Like you said, I could imagine her coming for Guy as a sign of forgiveness, and maybe even to apologize for her many betrayals as well.

  3. Guy’s death scene did play out well. More than well. It brought tears to my eyes, which I think is indicative of good acting, and in this case, good dialogue as well. Richard delivered beautifully on both levels. Jonas’ scene was underwhelming after Guy’s death scene. Seemed to let the series end with a “poof” rather than the “BANG” RA brought to the table. I agree with Angie that Guy deserved a loving escort into the otherworld, seeing as he was never afforded true love while on earth! Pin Up Girl, your choice of photos couldn’t be better for this post. Have a good weekend, ladies!

    • Thanks Kate, with choosing pics believe me when I tell you the pleasure is all mine 😉 I’d like to think that after discovering the existence of a brother, forming a sort of friendship with Robin and atoning for his sins made his passing easier. Hope everyone is having a corker of a weekend!!!

  4. I cried a lot when I watched that episode! And I mean a lot! There might have been sobbing 🙂 I am generally overly emotional though so it was to be expected! Lol!

    • My sister cried and she NEVER cries, especially not when she watches a show. She’s not an RA fan, if anything she liked Marian the most from the cast, but she just fell apart when Guy met his maker. Now that says A LOT about the actor. We may be soppy, but boy, does RA make it easy 🙂


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