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Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

Pin-Up Girl behind the wheel

If your wife wants to learn to drive, don’t stand in her way. – Sam Levenson

3D Street Art



I am still holding out hope that our talented friend and banner magician bccmee comes up with a 3D holographic representation of RA.

Until that time comes, here is some 3D Street Art.

All images: Street Art Utopia

Enjoy 😉




Death Becomes Guy- a grave subject


If you have not seen Robin Hood or do not wish to know how it ends, do not read on!

I have finally finished watching Robin Hood.

There are too many thoughts to stick into one blog and I shall probably be nit-picking things for months to come.

Today I wanted to analyze the final episode. I did shed a tear. I thought the story was well constructed and I was satisfied with how it all played out.

I only had one wish for Guy (I knew he would meet his maker, most RA characters do).

I didn’t want him to be killed by Isabella.

Oh well, technically she tag teamed it with the Sheriff.

Image: Allthingsarmitage

Guy Gisborne’s death was very moving. He had found his peace and died an honorable man. He received the redemption he so longed for.

RA squeezed every last drop of emotion from the scene, without making it melodramatic.

 Undoubtedly he knows how to act the “falling off the perch” part. The beautiful expression of pain, perfect positioning of the body and hands.

The look in his eyes of life slowly slipping away.

This is a lesson in mastery on how to die beautifully on camera.

Images: RACentral 

The reason why I’m fixated on how it is done correctly is because of the contrast offered by Jonas Armstrong. They gave Robin a sweet farewell, with Marian coming for him and yet all Jonas could come up with was the following:


Oh Robin, this is not how to die gracefully, let Gizzy show you:

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