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Beyond creepy Vintage ads

The mind baffles!

Because I hate it when a baby cuts itself while shaving…

How else will you keep fresh AND keep your figure…

creepy ad

Seeing where you’re going is overrated…

Hellraiser’s Pinhead started this fad…

Not just any old agitation sedate, I say!

Nothing like some heroin to start your day, less caffeine than coffee and so good for you

Nope, I got nothin’

I like a homicidal mime with my hot chocolate

Who said men cannot be useful

No comment

Gotta love the word douching, I regret it’s not used more often

A awareness raising campaign for the ribbon handed

Love a Camel for fatigue

A kid on a high… jam high, that is…

Mrs. Robbins, recently widowed, is waiting for husband nr. 4

Images: weirdomatic

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  1. These ads were created by “Mad Men” for sure! It will take days for me to get over the “Lysol” douching ad! No wonder there were so many birth defects! I don’t know where you find these, but they are certainly interesting. I kept telling my husband about what I was reading and he would say, “I know.” He teaches history, sociology, and psychology to high school students, and had come across some of this before. I am stunned! Keep sharing your research! It is really fascinating. Have a great weekend!

  2. Does nothing ever change? Wonder if 50 years from now someone will be posting
    some of the current pharmaceutical TV commercials and shaking their heads while reading the posts!

    • 🙂 what I like about the American pharmaceutical ads on TV are the side effects they mention. I think my favoriite was “explosive diarrhea” with some diet pill. Somehow didn’t seem worth that few pounds you could lose 😉


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