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Whip my butt into shape, Lee

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Recently my BFF Max told me of a success story about a guy spending 80 days to get in shape. That included regular gym sessions with a personal trainer.

I cannot lie, I think I would benefit from a stint like that.

Perhaps one day, when I’m lucky enough to win the lottery and have enough money to pay someone to yell and cuss at me, torture and traumatize me.

I think I have the perfect candidate.


Lee Preston from “Cold Feet”

I guess he would start with a round of aqua aerobic, just to get the blood pumping. 


 I feel like I’ve burned a few calories already…


It’s time to hit the gym

Make sure you work on all the muscle groups. Your personal trainer will keep an eye on you, so you are not injured and do not pull a ligament


After a round of extensive exercise, it is important to relax with a massage, to rub those sore muscles.


You can also alleviate muscle pain by spending some time in the sauna.


Take plenty of rest and make sure you catch up on your sleep to give your body a chance to recuperate

 Images: RACentral


 By the way, it seems like quite a strenuous job though…



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  1. Lee is my imaginary trainer. I use these same pictures to remind me of why I’m working out everyday. RA is good motivation. 🙂

  2. Haha, I love your captions. And the choices of screencaps of course. 😉


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