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RA Zapped

While going through the vids connected to RA, I came across a certain funny man- Terry Ray and the Gaydar Gun.

He had received a request to zap RA, even though he had no idea who he was.

I guess after The Hobbit that won’t be an issue anymore.

For the record, I just wanted to say I have posted this vid here because I think it’s weird, quirky and so abstract.

It should be viewed in those categories.

I have no idea about RA’s sexual orientation nor do I care the least bit.

No matter what, I think he is beautiful, special and a wonderful actor.

Anyway, John Porter’s gun is way bigger than your Gaydar Gun, Terry Ray 😉

BTW, Thorin’s got a pretty big sword too…


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  1. I’ve watched this before and I think it’s hilarious. 😉

    And I am with you. I really don’t care what his sexual orientation is, I like him, respect him, admire him and adore him and that isn’t going to change. He’s a special human being, indeed.

    • He really is! And I respect him for not throwing his private life in the public’s face. I go through periods when it’s an RA desert out there and would love to get some new pics or a juicy interview. Then I think how great it is that we don’t see him rolling out of Groucho in London in the wee small hours of the morning like all the other fame hungry whatnots.

  2. I’d forgotten about this video, random isn’t it! Porters guns are magnificent, both types

  3. Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t ever seen it before. Hilarious and clearly intended in the spirit of fun.

    • I love it so much and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The first couple of time I watched it I sat there with my gob opened!
      I especially liked the travel advice that if you travel to England, take your Gaydar gun with you, because you never know with British men 😉


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