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Bring John Porter back to life

Image: bccmee

I spent last weekend with John Porter.

 Unfortunately not the way I would have liked, but still…

Since then I have been on a little Porter high. I hate to say it, but violence has never looked this good 🙂

I absolutely love this fanvid of John Porter, Strike Back, created by LadyeAnn.

I hope she doesn’t mind me reblogging it here 🙂


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  1. Hooray for John Porter. Just remember, he has achieved So Not Dead status. Sometimes we just have to put TPTB in their place, the little weasels.

    You know, Superman wears John Porter pajamas. 😉

    • Hooray indeed! I wasn’t sure about Porter as most RA characters are a little more intelectual (just how Ilike em’). But then I saw him in those combat pants and T-shirt and I was a goner 🙂 BTW where can I buy those Porter PJ’s? 😉

  2. So many swoon worthy scenes in SB1, SB2 does not exist in my mind/world!

  3. and let us not forget Porter in those combat pants and NO t-shirt as well. Where is my fan? I feel a swoon coming on!! 🙂

  4. John Porter Grunge is a fashion all in itself! I love it! There is a Strike Back Season 2 on Cinemax now. The season opens with RA as John Porter and goes from there. It had me hooked from the start. The two leading men are gorgeous and thank goodness, there is going to be a Season 3! It is the only reason we subscribe to Cinemax! My husband is even hooked on this one!

    • I haven’t checked out SB 2 as I was so disappointed with Spooks 10 and blamed that in part for the sudden disappearance of a certain someone special. BTW getting people close to you hooked on shows you love is the way to go. I’m watching Robin Hood for the first time and am able to do so because I got my sis interested 😉 Oh, we can be so sneaky 😉


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