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Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Bring John Porter back to life

Image: bccmee

I spent last weekend with John Porter.

¬†Unfortunately not the way I would have liked, but still…

Since then I have been on a little Porter high. I hate to say it, but violence has never looked this good ūüôā

I absolutely love this fanvid of John Porter, Strike Back, created by LadyeAnn.

I hope she doesn’t mind me reblogging it here ūüôā

RA Transformation- Lucas North

The second character that went through both an emotional and physical transformation is Lucas North in Spooks. I won’t be¬†focusing on the whole¬†Lucas¬†/ John Bateman discussion. I found series 9 fascinating and I’ve always said that no other actor had a whole season to unravel¬†and head towards¬†his or her¬†demise. The truth is many fabulous characters met their maker in the most ridiculous fashion, Ros being one of them. I really believe she deserved a better exit.

Spooks- Lucas North

Image: bccmee

North is introduced in series 7, as a former head of Section D, who returns after being captured and imprisoned during an operation in Russia, where he spent 8 years. He returns, damaged, to a new Section where he no longer fits. His loyalties are under question as he tries to regain his position and the trust of his coworkers. He struggles to be reinstated into MI5.

He seems to be divided between who he was prior to his incarceration and who he is on returning and struggles to adjust. The memories of his time in the Russian prison show how badly damaged he is. The scenes with Oleg Darshavin, his former interrogator, show how close he was to breaking and his suicide attempts after he developes Stockholm syndrome.

Lucas was often refered to as a Blake fan, with a chest tattoo resembling The Ancient of Days, a Blake watercolour painting. The other tattoos on his body tell a different story.

On his torso he has a tattoo which says: Gnothi seautonРKnow yourself

Dum Spiro Spero– As long as I live, I hope

MNP– Peace

Omerta– Silence

On his arm, in Russian:  See nothing, hear nothing and say nothing to nobody

On his back: Cupolas, meaning domes, one for each year he spent in jail

Image: Allthingsrarmatige

Tormented by the ghosts of past events, Lucas has difficulty sleeping. It is interesting to watch this personal, intimate struggle.

Insomnia has never looked this good!

Image: Allthingsrarmatige

Image: Allthingsrarmatige

As Lucas catches his bearings and regaines Harry’s trust, his body gains muscle mass (oh, bless) and his style becomes more dapper.

Image: The Framewok Blog

RA’s character soon establishes a form of uniform:¬†denim jeans and a black coat. What is interesting, his clothes are reflected¬†by Ros’ outfits. Their characters seemed to have a lot in common and I always like the feeling of comradeship between them.

 All in all, I think the character of Lucas North is one of my most favorite character, rivalled only by John Thornton.

Vintage ads- Sisters are doing it for themselves!

So happy things have (hopefully) changed.

wrong advertisements women 2 Old school advertisements that are oh so wrong (14 photos)

Images: Bored Panda

On how North & South ends…

As my good deed for the day, I lent my copy of North & South to a friend.

Before you Awww! over how wonderful I am, I did wait until I ordered a more jazzed up version of the DVD before letting the old one out of my hands…

I just couldn’t imagine not¬†having it in my possession for a week and so… But this is not the place or the time to talk about THAT issue…

I couldn’t wait for her feedback, when it came it was quite unexpected.

She was disappointed!

Oh shock, oh horror, how could that be?

Does this do nothing for you?

Nor this?

What about this?

I was just about to question my¬†buddy’s sanity and the validity of our friendship when she continued:

I didn’t like the ending!

I’m sorry, what now?

I didn’t like the ending, he proposed, she rejected him. The ending was disappointing!

Oh, I sighed.

The fog had lifted.

That silly willy had watched the first disc only¬†and DIDN’T pop in the second!

So for those who have made that mistake (I really hope there aren’t many of you around) let me reassure you: N&S does have a happy ending, the storyline of the strike is explained¬†and resolved and it¬†gets a lot worse for everyone before it gets much better.

So do not pause until you have reached the famous:

¬†“Look back at me”

Do not stop until you’ve heard:

You‘re coming home with me?

Oh, heck, let’s revisit it again…

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