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Perception of beauty

Each era has its own a perception of beauty.

I must admit I do find the curvy 1940’s silhouette, with it’s hourglass feminine lines, to be quite flattering. Women wore clothes, not the other way around. If you concider the lack of fabric, leather, cosmetics etc.,  it’s a wonder women did so well to look swell.

Then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…


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  1. I don’t know if it’s just about beauty. I tend to take a feminist point of view on eating disorders/body image/societal perceptions of beauty. While there has been the variation between what is considered “beautiful” or “ideal” for women, in western society (US) it hasn’t been since the industrial revolution that women being on a thinner side has been ideal and I think that directly relates to the fact that women then began demanding more rights, starting with the right to vote. From there, women gained more ground in society and with each new ground gained, men and other women feel the need to “keep women in their place”, self-esteem low with an increasingly unrealistic idea of beauty and body image. If you think about the 40’s pin-ups for example, women in the 1920’s US felt the pressure to be thin with boyish bodies. However, along comes war and women taking over masculine roles while the men are away fighting. So, instead of women being strong, independent ladies, there is the need to sexualize them, show women who have a (a healthy) weight in the natural places women have fat for ideal health and childbearing to “remind” men and women that a woman’s place is in the home/bedroom/kitchen raising children. Since the rise of feminism in the 1960’s and 1970’s US and the advancement of women in the workplace along with being able to live lives independently from men if they choose (don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of discrimination and yes, some women still love men and want to raise families and be happily married) the depiction of women in advertising/Hollywood/media has become frighteningly thin and unideal for the majority of women. I am a Registered Dietitian and many women I see the entertainment industry have visible signs of malnutrition. What frightens me is that women see these other women who (very few are likely naturally this thin) are basically ill, and want to emulate them.

    I agree, the 1940’s did have some lovely clothes. After seeing Captain America my bf and I were discussing that they don’t make nice clothes like that anymore and people do not dress up like they used to. It would be nice if more people put the effort into dressing nicely and dressed up every once in awhile.

    Sorry for the feminist rant, actually I check the site out because I do love to drool over RA. 🙂


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