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Guy of Gisborne vs.Claude Monet

The DVD box sets I ordered a while back have finally arrived! It took a while because I really wanted the British editions (they tend to have more special features and English subtitles).

I ordered North&South, as my copy didn’t have the interview and commentary, but I shall put that aside for now (fear not, your time will come, Mr. Thornton)

The big question is, what should I start with?

This is the battle between:

Robin Hood


The Impressionists

I have to admit I have not seen either one, therefore this is unchartered territory for me. That hat makes me very happy, discovering RA’s work is like a gift that keeps on giving.

On the one hand I would love to see what all the hoopla regarding Guy of Gisborne is all about.

 I have a feeling the following has something to do with it:

Oh, and this…

On the other hand I do love biographies, the Impressionists painters, Monet in particular.

Oh, and then there’s this…

Decisions, decisions…

That is why I shall scry using my crystal ball and see what comes up 😉

Image: jagrant

And one more peak…

Image: me+richard

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  1. Those photos of Lucas’ bum are classic, aren’t they?

    Guy is gorgeous in whatever but he looked even better with CLEAN series 3 hair!

    Gee, I’m a great help!

  2. I also typed in “The young Claude Monet was a real dreamboat” just above my comment about being a great help but somehow it disappeared into cyberspace!

  3. I’m laughing at the “peachy” comments!!

    MY suggestion for you is to go with the Impressionists first! It’s colorful and RA Monet is very emotionally expressive and there IS a bedscene!!!

    On the other hand – if you want to see the growl and the smirk be prepared to suffer lots of frustration as Guy is one of the many characters in Robin Hood! Not to burst your bubble but that chest you see only once …

    of course one could always do the old penny toss!

    • I’m always looking for an excuss for the bum shots 😉 I think I will start with the Impressionints as it is shorter. With regards to Robin, I have been warned that I will perhaps have to press the fast forward button at times 😉

      • But you have to suffer along with the peasants a bit too 😉 – besides Alan & Much have some cute lines

        • Started with Robin Hood, my sister decided and I’m really enjoying it. Have to get over Guy’s mullet but, as I understand, that grows out 😉

          • Hey, Pinup girl…don’t knock the mullet! Guy’s the only guy in the world who ever rocked that look!! Take a look at Angie’s post with the photo of Richard in series 1 with those cute little curls at the nape. And what about the occasional glimpses of the waves at the back from crown to tip? I actually think that Richard does have a slight wave in his hair but it usually gets straightened out.

            My favourite hairdo is the series 3 look – when it’s clean!

            I want someone to Photoshop Richard’s current bearded look onto Guy with series 1 hair (with those little curls visible) and also onto series 3 (clean) hair….pretty, pretty, please? I don’t know how to do anything like that. And besides, I don’t have Photoshop or whatever for the manipulation.

          • I’m keeping an open mind! I think I have a soft spot for long wavy hair like Guy has in series 3, so perhaps that’s why. Unfortunately I didn’t take advantage of my photoshop classes when I was studying Fashion Design and my skills are abysmal. I hope someone answers your plea!!!

          • Haha the mullet does improve & at least you’re not noticing the scarf hiding his beautiful apple! that goes Season 2!

          • It’s already grown out mid season 1! Which is lucky because that’s when the Guy/Marian story steams up a bit!

  4. You can’t go wrong with either of them. There is a lot of Robin Hood, maybe you should start with that and then take an Impressionists break somewhere in the middle!

    • ooo Ladies, you’re making it really hard for poor me ;( Having said that these are problems I don’t mind having- sexy Guy Richard or sexy froggy Richard 😉 If only everything in life was quite so pleasant!

  5. I watched “Moving On” again yesterday and fell in love all over again with the naughty John Mulligan.

    Man oh man, Richard sure plays a bad boy really well, doesn’t he? As our nice guy Richard says, he loves playing a baddie as then he gets to do all those things a civilized person shouldn’t do!

    • I know that John is probably one one the most despicable characters RA has ever played, but I found it was also the most “smiley” one. He smiles so often in it, it’s worth watching just for that alone 🙂

  6. For me Richard as Guy of Gisborne is the sexiest thing to hit TV screens! He smoulders, the producers obviously recognised this and blessed us some magnificent bare chest scenes.

    Then comes Lucas North in Spooks, more sizzling bare chest scenes and holy smokes, that bare naked backside of his! Perfection.
    When you can beg, borrow or steal a copy of Between the Sheets, for more of Richard than you could ever have dreamed of!!!

    • I’m just mid season 1 of Robin Hood. OK, yes, I get it 🙂 Shame they didn’t just focus on Guy and Marian. BTW, as Little John would say: Her I like! I didn’t expect to, as RA characters are usually paired with women who end up being not up to par, but I can see why Guy would fall head over heels for her. She’s very bouncy 😉

      • I wont tell you any spoilers. Guy in S3 is my ulitmate Guy – all long haired and angsty! I will let at that for now. Enjoy S1.

        • sorry that should read “leave it at that”

          • I really really can’t wait. I’ve seen clips here and there and the whole look definately does it for me 😉 Having said that, I felt the necklace episode in S1 was the first one where we catch a glimpse of Intense and Passionate Guy, not just Smirky Guy.

  7. OMG! Lucus bent over doing that “sofa search” has made my day! Fine “arse” in a boiler suit, but looks even hotter in those jeans! I’m going to be on this site for a while now!


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