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69 or Mind in the Gutter

This is post nr 69.

Well, actually, it’s post 70, but my mind is in the absolute gutter today 😉

I would like to thank everyone who has dropped by my blog, left comments and Liked.

I have been overwhelmed by your support. I started this blog without any expectations. Each click has meant a lot to me and I have enjoyed being here so very very much!

So thank you!

Back to “the mind in the gutter”

Sorry, just realized I could be accused of objectifying RA and that makes me mortified…

Nope, the feeling has already passed, let’s move on…

Images: allthingsrarmitage

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. LOL did you take a breath in between???

  2. What are you trying to do to me? Swooning all over the place here…pics 2 & 3…my goodness he’e gorgeous!

  3. Now that I’ve picked myself off of the floor…I’m very glad that the mortification passed quickly. I kind of feel like if you take your clothes off and you look like Richard Armitage, you should expect that people will ogle images of you.

  4. You are not objectifying Richard Armitage merely showing appreciation for such a fine human being. You are teaching your readers how to look at a piece of art…..stand back and take in the sight of such beauty from every angle. Does that work for you?

  5. Congrats!!! R\

    The man is so beautiful . . . and I swear he just gets better with each passing year. *thud*

    It would practically be a crime NOT to share all this goodness with others. 😉

    • Hey it just me or do you think that, with regard to the first photo, Richard forgot to focus on “being” Lucas for a split second and let Richard peep through? Take a good look at his face and tell me if you agree.

      Thank you for reminding us all once again of the existence of these particular photos, Pinup girl…they are especially tasty, aren’t they? I refuse to apologize for that very sexist remark! And I will NOT attempt to justify it by mentioning the artistic talent contained within those muscles and bones either!

      • With regards to the first pic, if that is really RA, not Lucas, then that is it!
        I am official jealous of every piece of furniture in his bedroom, which gets to see that nighttime routine! I’ve crossed the line and am envious of an Ikea lamp.
        I may well have reached a new low while chacing my very own high… 😉

    • It was my obligation, my civic duty! What kind of a woman would I be if I kept such hotness in a file somewhere on my laptop? That would make me evil and would probably melt my computer memory 😉

  6. Talk about getting better with age, holy moly! No BTS shots, just saying!

  7. Pardon me, but scoot over please…my mind is joining you in the gutter!


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