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Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

69 or Mind in the Gutter

This is post nr 69.

Well, actually, it’s post 70, but my mind is in the absolute gutter today ūüėČ

I would like to thank everyone who has dropped by my blog, left comments and Liked.

I have been overwhelmed by your support. I started this blog without any expectations. Each click has meant a lot to me and I have enjoyed being here so very very much!

So thank you!

Back to “the mind¬†in the gutter”

Sorry, just realized I could be accused of objectifying RA and that makes me mortified…

Nope, the feeling has already passed, let’s move on…

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Perception of beauty

Each era has its own a perception of beauty.

I must admit I do find the curvy 1940’s silhouette, with it’s hourglass¬†feminine lines, to be¬†quite flattering. Women wore clothes, not the other way around. If you concider the lack of fabric, leather, cosmetics etc., ¬†it’s a wonder women did so well to look swell.

Then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

A round of bad jokes, RA style- Part 2

Here is another round of very bad jokes, I hope they brighten up your day!

Image: me+richard

What do most men consider a gourmet restaurant?
  Any place without a drive-up window.

Image: me+richard
Why is it good that there are female astronauts?
  When the crew gets lost in space, the woman will ask for directions.

What should you give a man who has everything?
  A woman to show him how to work it.

Image: The Armitage Fan Blog
What's a man's idea of honesty in a relationship?
       Telling you his real name.

Why do female black widow spiders kill the males after mating?
To stop the snoring before it starts

RA Transformations- John Standring

What I have always admired about RA and his acting skills was the ability to go through a character transformation, do it convincingly and adorably. He is able to squeeze every essential drop from a character, even if the role is minor or supporting. Some transfomations go hand in hand with a physical change and this is the first:

 SparkhouseJohn Standring

Image: Something About Love

He works at Sparkhouse Farm and manages plenty of animals. He is in love with Carol, but is also painfully shy, hard-working, honest and decent. He is also one of the most endearing characters RA has played to date.

Although John starts out as a secondary character, he is slowly moved to the centre of the storyline.

Before they get married, Carol encourages him to go through a physical transformation. I think it’s symbolic in the sense that I feel he would never have¬†been good enough for her. It is true that the heart wants… but in times of need she would turn to John for help and comfort knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to give him what he wanted or needed in return.

Carol has undoubtedly been hurt in life, not only physically, but also psychologically and in a sense John is the complete opposite of the type of men who have wounded her, like her father or Andrew.

Image: Phylly’s Faves

One might say that Carol used him on many occasions, but perhaps any link to her was acceptable to him, as long as he could have her close. He seems like an incredibly lonely character. It seems he has a need to nurtue Carol, help her save the farm and her family from financial ruin. He dispays a loyalty and love for her she seems unable to reciprocate.

He displays a vulnerability that is both adorable and awkward. His naivity and sexual inexperience contrasts with all the other characters in Sparkhouse, they all seem to have an agenda whereas John seems pure hearted, trusting and honest.

He is truly a modern day hero- his strength comes from the goodness in him, his simple logic and ability to love with all his heart.

Images: Me+Richard Armitage

Guy of Gisborne vs.Claude Monet

The DVD box sets I ordered a while back have finally arrived! It took a while because I really wanted the British editions (they tend to have more special features and English subtitles).

I ordered North&South, as my copy didn’t have the interview and commentary, but I shall put that aside for now (fear not, your time will come, Mr.¬†Thornton)

The big question is, what should I start with?

This is the battle between:

Robin Hood


The Impressionists

I have to admit I have not seen either one, therefore this is unchartered territory for me. That hat makes me very happy, discovering RA’s work is like a gift that keeps on giving.

On the one hand I would love to see what all the hoopla regarding Guy of Gisborne is all about.

 I have a feeling the following has something to do with it:

Oh, and this…

On the other hand I do love biographies, the Impressionists painters, Monet in particular.

Oh, and then there’s this…

Decisions, decisions…

That is why I¬†shall scry using¬†my crystal ball¬†and see what comes up ūüėČ

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And one more peak…

Image: me+richard

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