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Sorry, but I had to vent…

I wasn’t going to write about this topic, but certain events have pushed me over the edge!

I have changed the name to protect the guilty and because I don’t want a gang of rabid fans descended on this peaceful blog

Dear Mr. Girlfriend Beater,

I would just like to congratulate you on your recent success.

 How unexpected!

One would have thought that after your antics no one in their right mind would give you the time of day.

Seems the world has received another dose of crazy pills also known as amnesia pills.

How wrong were we to doubt your return to glory?

There was one thing we didn’t take into account.

It seems in show business all can be easily swept under the red carpet…sorry, the rug.

Dear GB!

I have not forgotten.

I still remember seeing those photos for the first time and shuddering with disgust. It takes a specific type of man to beat on a woman almost half your size. A woman you claimed to have loved.

I have not forgotten and every time I hear you on the radio, I change the station.

Every time you are on telly, I change the channel.

 Dear GB!

Take your victory lap.

Who know, maybe history will remember you as a great entertainer and omit the”beating to the pulp” part.

Your fans have been out in droves stating that they would let you beat them up, as long as you kissed them after.

Perhaps they forget the generations of women who came before them, who made sacrifices and struggled, so my generation wouldn’t have to go through the horror of abuse.

 I will not forget.

 That probably wouldn’t worry you, as I’m so insignificant.

 But I believe that many like me will not get amnesia, we will not forgive and forget.

And GB,

The next time you decide to beat someone up, find someone your own size, coward!


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  1. There is never, never, never justification for this type of behavior, I don’t care who you are or how many dollars you have in the bank account. I cannot a support or be a “fan” of a person, no matter how talented or charming or attractive, who beats up on those smaller and/or weaker than they are. Wrong is wrong.

    There are a few women out there who physically abuse men, and i can’t countenance that, either,.

    • I KNOW!!!! I was starting to think that I was going crazy! Especially when it’s not just “allegedly”! How can you support someone like that? Poeple in the public eye have a resposibility and the opportunity to get a message across that you or I wouldn’t! I’m just so peeved!

  2. There are also far too many enablers out there for celebrities who misbehave. 😦

  3. I don’t know who this is, but beating your partner is never acceptable. In fact, it’s a crime.

    • It being a crime is one thing, the punishment being light is another, our reaction to it is altogether another matter. Just because you’re a celeb does not mean you can get away with beating someone up. Even if the victim seems to have forgiven and forgotten, it doesn’t mean we should.

  4. Physical abuse is never acceptable. But part of what makes this particular case so frustrating (if I’m reading between the lines correctly about who GB is) is that there is no remorse. In fact he has gone on to behave horribly several more times, such as throwing a chair threw a window on a morning talk show. I don’t understand how people are so willing to let him just behave like an ass, as though his actions and attitude aren’t a huge problem. Okay, stopping my rant now.

  5. Abuse is never acceptable. Full stop.

    The photos were heartbreaking. He has been welcomed back with open arms – what type of message is this sending to young people that look up to him?

  6. What a creative way to address a serious issue. Thank you! I was so overwhelmed with disgust at the way GB was received and celebrated. A standing ovation? Seriously?

    It is heartbreaking to know that we live in a culture where people corral around the abuser to offer support. Frightening really.

    I recently wrote about violence against women and rape culture- specifically, the connection to media and advertising. I would love your feedback:


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