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Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Themed Vintage Ads- if you dare…

More vintage ads

These are for you Max!

Happy V-Day to my Mo from your faux wife!






Not now, but I had one sleeping on  my couch for 2,5 years 😉








Images: I Love Philosophy

Happy Valentine’s Day Pin Up Girls Style

Happy Valentine’s Day

An RA Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Armitage Admirers!

Ted Hughes “Song”

O lady, when the tipped cup of the moon blessed you

 You became soft fire with a cloud’s grace;

 The difficult stars swam for eyes in your face;

 You stood, and your shadow was my place:

 You turned, your shadow turned to ice O my lady.

 O lady, when the sea caressed you

 You were a marble of foam, but dumb.

 When will the stone open its tomb?

 When will the waves give over their foam?

 You will not die, nor come home, O my lady.
O lady, when the wind kissed you

 You made him music for you were a shaped shell.

 I follow the waters and the wind still

 Since my heart heard it and all to pieces fell

 Which your lovers stole, meaning ill, O my lady.
O lady, consider when I shall have lost you

 The moon’s full hands, scattering waste,

 The sea’s hands, dark from the world’s breast,

 The world’s decay where the wind’s hands have passed,

 And my head, worn out with love, at rest

 In my hands, and my hands full of dust, O my lady.

And for the tux nuts…

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