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Richard, tell us about Thorin’s sword

This is very funny, hope you don’t mind I reblogged 😉

Reblogged from Richard Armitage Alter Ego.

If you haven’t checked out this page, you simply must! It’s hilarious!


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  1. I have to make sure I’m alone when I visit Richard Armitage’s Alter Ego. That way I don’t have to explain to anyone what’s so funny. 🙂

  2. Interviewer: Why did you name it Orcrist?
    RA: Oh I didn’t name it. It was written on the side. You see, it is of legendary importance in Middle-earth.
    Interviewer: It must really get around.
    RA: I was not the first to have my hands on it. It certainly has a history. It even glows in the dark.
    Interviewer: Goodness!
    RA: That was my first reaction too.
    Interviewer: But that must make it tricky to sneak up on anyone.
    RA: Well I practice with it for hours a day. I’m proud to say I’ve become very proficient in handling it. No one will see it coming until it is too late.
    Interviewer: *gulp*


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