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It should’ve been me, Harry

When watching The Christmas Special of Vicar of Dibley, it’s hard not to fall for a “townie tosser”, who moves into “Sleepy Cottage”. Harry Jasper Kennedy moved there from a flat in London because he:”lived on the same street in London for 15 whole years, bell never rang once”.

Looking at him, I find that hard to believe…

Who doesn’t like a man with a fondness for books? He seems adorable from the get go, with his striped jumpers and floppy hair.

Image: Dcosmartypants
The arrival of Harry’s sister Rosie leads to a string of misunderstandings, as the Vicar believes her to be Harry’s girlfriend. This sparks Geraldine’s jealousy and Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

All is well that ends well! Geraldine deserved a happy ending!

Or as Alice Hornton née Tinker asks :  Has he driven his purple Porsche in your personal parking space yet?


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  1. Oh sweet sweet Harry Kennedy! ♥ I certainly sat up and took notice when he opened the door to Sleepy Cottage.

  2. I love the video, when he turn round and his smile twinkles 😉 I also like who investigates his “kiss with tongues”options. Adorable!

  3. No, no, no…it should have been me – I saw him first!!!! I’ve been a devoted Richard Armitage fan for 12 years – he’s mine, all mine!

    LOL. I’m actually so glad that all you ladies have finally discovered Richard and love him, too – he deserves all the support he gets.

    I have sharp eyes – I noticed the gorgeous lanky centurion guarding
    Octavius (Rupert Graves) in “Cleopatra” in 1999 the minute he appeared on screen!

    But, I didn’t notice him in “The Phantom Menace”, I’m afraid! Well, not at the time at the cinema, anyway. Matthew and I own all the “Star Wars” movies between us so, naturally, I have watched “Phantom” several times so that I can have a couple of glimpses of a certain Naboo fighter pilot.

    Did you notice he’s right beside Natalie Portman (Queen Amadala) when they’re abseiling down the outside of one of the buildings? I always think of that scene when I watch the 4 guys abseiling down Nottingham Castle’s wall towards the end of “Robin Hood” and Lucas and Dimitri on the outside of the Chinese Embassy.

    • After 12 years, that’s not a crush, that’s a long term relationship 😉 He mentioned once how, during the filming of“The Phantom Menace”, how he sat around talking to Natalie Portman and referring to her as Natalie and then it turned out to be Keira Knightley. It’s an honest mistake and a funny one, but what I like about that anecdote is how cute he must have looked when he realized his error 🙂


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