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Fanny Thornton’s Water Mattress

After rewatching North and South I was reminded of one of my most favorite characters- Fanny Thronton (played by Jo Joyner).

John Thornton’s sister provides some comic relief and tests the patience of her mother and brother. By the way, I love the way John Thornton pronounces the name- Fanny- when he gets annoyed with her, after she accused him of constantly talking about Margaret Hale.

If you remember, there were a few things Fanny loved.

She longed to see London and the Alhambra, couldn’t imagine living without music and sent for all the novelties, which mother did not approve of.

She mentions to Margaret the water mattress she purchased because she’s so delicate.

Images: Sight to Behold

She is who I thought of when I came upon the ads below. It made me wonder which of these would Fanny send for?

Here’s another dose on unappropriate, funny or plain weird ads from days gone by.

Images: Bored Panda

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  1. These are HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing. Before the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed in the early 20th century, it was appalling how many medicines contained heroin, cocaine and other substances that weren’t exactly healthy. And all the very respectable little old ladies who would never touch a drop of liquor would buy their bottles of Lydia Pinkham’s Tonic to aid their female problems–which of course was 50 percent of alcohol. But they did feel better. 😉

    I wonder if the horse exerciser was used to stimulate other portions of the body. And something tells me the blow-up doll didn’t look quite like the model in the ad! Supposedly Maria Callas swallowed tapeworms to help her lose weight–pretty sure that was just a myth.

  2. Well we all know what the massager was used for … I visited once upon a time a Victorian arcade that had some of the old fashioned therapeutic instruments – mainly a healthy dose of electric shock!

  3. LOL, these are great ads! Some of them are quite suggestive too…

  4. Oh my goodness…just read this! I love these ads! I quite fancy “Hangover Heaven” myself…and “Cube Lube” made me exclaim loudly! If you’ve ever played with a Rubik’s cube you’ll know how stiff they can get! Lol!

    • Indeed they can. I like the the pistol that squirts liquid that kills flyes, why not? And there’s nothing like a cocaine drop to start your day 😉 Now if only they made some RA pills, we’d be hooked!

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