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Caution! RA!

Caution indeed!

I adore this photo shoot, perhaps because I really enjoyed the article from the Sunday Times article called “A Day in the Life,” featuring RA.

The article gives us a peek into an ordinary day for RA. Of course  I bet his days are different if he is now back on the set of The Hobbit.

BTW, do you wonder, like I do, if he’s back in NZ?

Image: C.S. Winchester

If so, I bet his days go something like this:

Got up in the  morning, spent hours in make-up while they attached the prosthetics to my near perfect feature, but not to worry, I still look hot.

Got dressed in my Thorin costume, wielded a sword, rode an oversized pony, yelled things in Dwarfish, pretended Gandalf is way taller than me, spent the lunch hour making the ladies of the crew swoon.

Then I fought some dragons, tried to reclaim some family jewels, while still pretending to be short…

I jest 🙂

Let’s go back to the photo shoot. I do like him in a blue suit. The colour suits him (dare I say even better than black?).

Here is a “denim” photo. I must admit that I think he fills  jeans like it’s nobody’s business…

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  1. I really like that shoot, too. And as you know, I really like him in blue and in blue jeans. 😉

    Your concept of Richard’s typical day on TH set is great. 😀 The whole pretending to be short thing makes me giggle when I think about it. All those scenes where he is going to have to look up when talking to elves and Gandalf. At least hobbits are shorter than dwarves so he won’t have a permanently stiff neck. ;).

    I have wondered if they are back hard at work again. Looking forward to another video log from Sir Peter.

  2. It’s Blue RA day today 🙂 I thnk it’s because of the new pic from the Recognise Magazine shoot and the discussion about the pants. I so love him in jeans, in my opinion they suit him and he looks so comfy in them.

    • I have an RA video called “Rhapsody in Blue” (using Gershwin’s music, of course) featuring Richard’s blue eyes, blue jeans, blue shirts, smocks and sheets. It’s a positive bevy of blue yumminess!

      I think he is just a “blue jeans kind of guy.” He doesn’t like fussing over his appearance–I really don’t think he’s vain, although it any man has a right to be, he does–and he likes to be comfortable. And a pair of well broken-in jeans fits the bill. 😀

      • 🙂 your “Body Language” video was one of the first fanvids I saw after I caught the RA bug. I remember giggling and swooning- a killer combo. You have a naughty side to you 😉

        • 😀 Yes, I do have a naughty side, indeed. Can’t resist being cheeky on a fairly regular basis.;)

          Life is more fun that way!

  3. I love that photoshoot too! That last picture = swoon. He really does look amazing in blue…it makes his eyes pop. I was giggling reading your version of his day in NZ. I could learn to put prosthetics on if it meant spending hours applying them to RA! 😉

    • Can you imagine those ladies in the costume department- I would just make him try costumes on and take them off- for the good of the visual side of the film! I’d have “The Stripper” by the David Rose Band playing in the background 😉

  4. Absolutely. “Oh, Richard, I don’t think those pants work, take them off and try these on!” LOL

  5. All that running around in that heavy armour on set of The Hobbit must mean aching muscles. Can you imagine being his masseuse 😉 that’s like winning the lottery right there!


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