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1940’s New York- look who’s in the neighborhood

The 1940’s were dominated by World War II.

In New York the Great Depression was eased by the war production. Women took on new roles as they had to replace men who had gone off to war. Hence the exodus from the home to the workplace. This was undone when men returned and expected their jobs back. The woman’s role reverted to being a housewife and home maker.

Image: Life Time

Guess who else hung out in New York of the 1940’s

I shall be writing more about men’s fashion in the 1940’s at a later date.

My only regret is that RA’s character does not appear longer, neigh, does not monopolize Captain America. I have to admit that the moment he popped open his cyanide pill, the movie was over for me.

He did such a good job at playing a baddie, as he always does. What is interesting is that he is capable of such tenderness on screen, as we can see with Thornton or Standring.

Image:  Richard Armitage Central Main Gallery

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  1. Richard Armitage did a great job in Captain America: The First Avenger and he looked gorgeous as a baddie. I personally loved the eyeglasses too!

    It’s fun to see old New York represented on film, whether it be through vintage photographs or in a movie made in the UK!

  2. I actually enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I might, but then I do enjoy some super hero stuff and have a strong interest in the WW II era. My parents met due to the war and their paths would have never crossed otherwise– so I would not exist if it hadn’t happened.. 😉

    Richard loves to play the bad guy and he made those few minutes on screen count. I was also intrigued with the new expressions he came up with I did not really recall seeing before. It amazes me what the man can do with that face of his!

    I thought he was one sharp–dressed spy, too. Loved his siuit and enjoyed the whole look of the film.

    • I think I was anticipating the film for one reason only, so when his part was over (too soon in my opinion), I found it pointless to go on. I am of course being terribly unfair becuase as action hero film go, it wasn’t bad.
      I too am amazed by what he can do with his face. Even more so, I am amazed what he does to my face when I look at him 😉


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