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Dita Von Trench

Dita re-defines  the Rainy Day Blues

I adore the spin on the Trench coat.

The trench was developed as an alternative to a heavy coat worn by British and French soldiers in WWI. Thomas Burberry is the inventor of the gabardine fabric and is seen as the father of the Trench. Only officers and Warrant Officers Class I were allowed to wear them as an optional item to their uniform.

The coat became popular when veterans returned to civilian life and continued wearing them. It has since become an item of pop culture.

And here is some Dita Von Casual strutting in a Trench Coat




Guess who else gets wet too…

Image: bccmee

Images: Phylly’s Faves

Pass the man a towel before he catches a cold.


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  1. I think Lucas should have worn a trench coat at some point–I can imagine him with that collar turned up, framing that swan-like neck.

    Can’t imagine Bogey without his trench and his fedora. “Casablanca!” One of my absolute favs. I love Claude Rains, a deliciously nasty Prince John in the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood, which I am watching right now.

    And I am very fond of a wet Richard Armitage. 😀

  2. I love that plaid trench coat from one of the pictures. GReAt tie in of RA getting wet by the way…I can’t ever see those pictures enough!

  3. Thank you for commenting on my post about Dita! She can do no wrong! lol I really love her style. to me she’s like a modern day Marilyn Monroe… Just different lol love the pics u have also.

    • Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your blog too. I’ve never really had any experience with beauty pageants, well, apart from Tiaras and Tantrums on telly which is whole different world 😉 It seems really interesting!


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