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Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

Forties are back- Revival of 40s Fashion

Forties Glamour is one of the leading trends for fall/winter 2011/2012


♥ fur ( faux, naturally) and shrugs

♥ 40s accesories- pearls, long gloves, slim belts accentuating the waist, fedora hats

♥ pencil skirts, feminine dresses, midi skirts,pussy bow blouses, dipping hemlines, thigh high slits, pretty tea dresses

♥ sexy silhouette, unexpected colour coordination


♦ Frida Gianni at Gucci

♦ Donna Karen

♦ Jonathan Saunders

♦ Miuccia Prada

♦ Jean Paul Gaultier

RA- why me? why he?

Image by bccmee

March 12-18

This year I will be taking part in FanstRAvaganza as a tag-team blogger. If you are unfamiliar with this event, it is a chance for bloggers and admirers come together in an explosion of creativity in order to celebrate the wonder of RA and, in essence, us!

I must admit I am really excited about being a part of such an event and have been brainstorming ideas and bugging creative friends. I plan to use (and abuse) them for my own amusement, as well as my fellow FanstRAvaganza participants.

I am having some mini panic attacks from fear of not being able to come up with something entertaining for the event. I think this derives from the fact that since entering the world of RA I have encountered a ridiculous amount of incredibly witty, intelligent and well-educated Ladies, who have some of the funniest, most insightful blogs  ever! No pressure!

I raise my glass to you Ladies!

My first brush ( don’t I mean thunderbolt?) with RA came when a friend of mine gave me a collection of DVD’s with BBC costume dramas. I bow my head in shame and admit it was given to me in February and yet I didn’t watch it till the summer.

I lived in ignorance, believing that Mr Darcy, played by Colin Firth in the BBC Pride & Prejudice, was  the absolute costume drama hottie ever.

Oh how wrong I was.

I must admit that just as Margaret wasn’t impressed by Thornton beating up his employee, neither was I. I tutted that a gentleman would never do a thing like that.

Within 30 minutes I was frantically texting and ringing my friend, thanking him for the gift he had provided. Mr Darcy had been dethroned.

Mr Thornton had arrived.

Here are some little tidbits regarding me, North & South and RA:

1. After watching N&S the first time, I went straight to the beginning and rewatched it. Than I watched again the next day. Then the next.

2. I’m not a big fan of the final scene at the train station. I think it’s a bit out of character and I always think they didn’t really sit around on platforms making out in Victorian times. Perhaps if they did, they wouldn’t look so miserable.

3. I definitely prefer the Thornton Family to the Hale’s. Fanny is simply hilarious. I really like the energy between John and his mother. Why shouldn’t she be proud of her son? It reminds me of a saying: Women raise their sons to be their dream men. It seems that is just what Mrs Thornton did- she raised her son to be everything her husband wasn’t, and what a good job she did.

4. I find Higgins cute, in a teddy bear kind of way.

5. I always cry when Bessy dies and wish Margaret would have done the same ( cried, not died).

6. In the proposal scene RA’s face is partially covered by a shadow that distorts his features, which annoys me, because the man has perfect features.

Oh, and I want to punch Margaret for rejecting him so harshly.

7. I am always on the look out for the pig heads parked in front of the Hale residence. They did really want to get their money’s worth from that prop. LOVE the pig heads!

8. My sister refers to RA as “The Dude” and says he looks like Wolverine ( I presume she means Hugh Jackson). She can call him whatever she wants, as long as she calls him mine…

Having said that, she has watched N&S and Spooks 7-9 and enjoyed it. Mwahaha!

10. He can bring me a basket of fruit any day!

11. I am currently listening to Lords of the North audiobook. I admit I left it for last as I wasn’t that interested in the whole Saxon, Danish, Viking malarkey. Boy, was I wrong. I laugh, I cry, I tell random (uninterested) people about plot twists and witty banter.

12. I have never seen Robin Hood and RA playing Guy. I must admit every time it was on telly I switched it over as I didn’t fancy the actor playing Robin. I shall regret that till the end of my days ( or till I purchase the DVD set, whichever comes first).

There you have it! I am officially out as an RA admirer!

For more info regarding FanstRAvaganza click on pic below

Image by bccmee

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