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1950s Photoshop- retro

Clearly normal looking women have never been good enough…

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  1. Scary how close the images are to each other, shame about the need to ‘photoshop’ them!

  2. Wow this is a real treat. It’s a pity how much they alter these women’s body’s, truly setting the standard of delusion for the country. It was very interesting to see the before and after’s, and all the artists liberties. We wish art would hark back to the renaissance where a fuller figure was an example of beauty, not a twisted man’s idea of what should be portrayed.

    Love the posts on this site, really cool blog, excited to keep up with u!
    The Eye

  3. In defense of my beloved Gil, these girls seem to have been given a decently close rendering! I suppose he did tone them up a bit, but I think we also need to consider it was cheaper to have an artist make portraits of the girls in whichever setting he chose as opposed to photographing them in exotic locations or outside. I mean, most of those girls were photographed in dingy studios. Compared to the women we see in today’s photographed ads, these girls still have their curves and dimples in all the right places. Love the post ❤


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