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1950s Photoshop- retro

Clearly normal looking women have never been good enough…

FanstRAvaganza 3!

Richard Armitage


The dates of the event will be March 12-18, 2012

Please click on image for more info

Dita Von Casual 4

Still better than most…

1940’s Make-Up


The perfect look of the forties would not be complete without the make-up. What is characteristic is the precision it demands. It’s not the type of “face” you  put on in the morning and not bother with.

With the arched brow, full red lips and matt finish, it underlines femininity and class.

♥ Brows- neat, defined, arched, quite thick. Use a soft brow pencil to mimic natural brow hair

♥ Eye Liner- a clear, visible line, rising up at the corner of the eye. It is complemented with a beige eye shadow

♥ False lashes- this is an important element that was added when the Burlesque, vintage look became popular

♥ Red lips- whether or not you like lip liner, a rich beautiful lip becomes the focal part of the face. The lips are full, with a heart effect on the upper lip

Matt finish- the tanned look is so modern, as is shimmer and shine. The 40s skin was matt, light, with rouge on your cheeks. Needless to say make sure you apply the powder using a  swansdown puff

Brunette Pin Up

“Blondes have it made, brunettes don’t have an excuse to act stupid”

Dita Von Casual 3

Yup, still looks better than most…

1940’s Make Up-the preview

The Arched Brow

The Red Lips

 The Eye Liner

The Matt Finish

1940’s hats

I love fashion, but a big black bird landing on your head is where I draw the line…

There are however some snazzy  headdresses from the 1940’s.

 It makes me sad that hats have seized to be an essential accessory.

Oh, and despite what you may think, it wasn’t all about birds…


Dita Von Casual 2

And she STLL looks better than most…

Be a Pin Up – 1940’s Inspiration

Forties Fashion- Your Turn 

You can find forties fashion inspired clothes in many high street shops. It’s all about putting together different pieces and playing with shapes and fabric.

I love how elegant all of these elements are and yet are perfect for both day and evening.

The clothes serve as an elegant base for the sexy accessories like gloves, slim belts, pearls, faux fur etolas and my favorite Mary Jane shoes.

 Note that these additions are carefully chosen and less is sooo much more.

The skirts have a lowered hem, go pencil if you dare. Match it with a pussy bow chiffon blouse.

For ispiration check out MiuMiu, Marc Jacobs or Jonathan Saunders from fall/winter 2011/2012

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